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An interesting look at what’s going on with The Three Kingdoms NFT games

CryptoKitties pioneered blockchain gaming, while Axie Infinity established what a decent blockchain game should be. The Three Kingdoms intends to build on this foundation with their subsequent generations. The Three Kingdoms is a highly complex third-generation non-linear time strategy (NFT) game designed for NFT games.

The Next Generation of Gaming Technology, What does the new age of NFT games entail?

The TTK team feels that the current generation of NFT gaming offers players little opportunities to make money. Additionally, they include antiquated and cartoony aesthetics, as well as a limited number of gaming options.

The Three Kingdoms team set out to create blockchain NFT games with earning tokens in ways never seen previously in the GameFi industry. Additionally, they are delivering a realistic gaming experience that is more in line with the AAA games to which we have become used.

To accomplish this, The Three Kingdoms will have high-quality visuals and a feature-rich game in which players may gather NFT characters, perform quests, and participate in siege NFT games to earn NFTs.

Additionally, The Three Kingdoms will be the first game to combine the concept of warring and sieging cities, as well as a rich, intriguing plot, injecting new life into the GameFi world.

Additionally, players may host, stake, and monetize events inside the game. Establish a base, develop your territory, enhance your character’s characteristics, win fights, and emerge triumphant in both PVE and PVP combat.

The Three Kingdoms’ History

The Three Kingdoms is set around 220 AD, during the Eastern Han dynasty’s waning years. The Yellow Turban Rebellion erupted, with towns and regions banding together in an attempt to survive. Dong Zhuo, a warlord who seized control of the city under the guise of safeguarding the young emperor Cao Cao, who had progressively acquired control of areas in the north, rescued the emperor and took control of the central government. Nonetheless, created clans are already vying for the opportunity to control China.

China was quickly split into three areas of power, with Cao Cao ruling the north, Sun Quan dominating the south, and Liu Bei dominating the west. For sixty years, the three struggled to conquer China, and here is where the player’s adventure starts. Click here to check the benefits of playing NFT games.

The territory of the Three Kingdoms is based on the historical geography of China, which is divided into Wei, Shu, and Wu areas. The area will be partitioned into distinct squares. Additionally, these properties serve as locations for hosting, staking, and monetizing events. Conquer and take control of your base of operations to battle and extend your region.

What Is the Future of The Three Kingdoms?

The Three Kingdoms team sought fans for NFT games and NFT who want to change the crypto landscape and be a part of something larger.

The Three Kingdoms is well on its way to completion, with plans to launch passive gameplay in Q4 2021. In what is being dubbed ‘phase zero,’ players will be able to earn NFTs by recruiting heroes via the periphery. Additionally, the company wants to introduce other gameplay elements in 2022 (‘phase one’), such as the ability to assault unoccupied cities (stake NFTs) and occupy cities (earn APY, in-game cash, and NFTs).

‘Phase two’ will include PvP, in which players will be able to assault and defend cities. Both the attacker and defense stake NFTs, with the winner winning an annual percentage yield (APY), money, NFTs, and qualities.

Finally, in ‘phase three,’ active gaming will be introduced through the arena and competitions. Players will be able to stake their NFTs in a winner-takes-all fight against other players.

Concerning the Three Kingdoms

Collect your favorite Three Kingdoms characters and fight for a piece of land that is entirely yours alone.

The Three Kingdoms is a third-generation NFT game based on the tale of the ‘Three Kingdoms’. Prepare to be immersed in a gaming experience that is enhanced with a rich history, well-developed NFT games characters, and progressive gameplay. Prepare your warriors for combat, siege cities, and defeat adversaries in order to extend your own territory.

The Three Kingdoms: How Does It Work?

The Three Kingdoms is a web-based game that utilizes Binance’s Smart Chain technology (BSC). The game is accessed through the user’s usual Web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask), which enables interaction with the game like quality NFT games, their NFTs, and their stuff.

The Three Kingdoms is mostly known for its warfare gameplay, which may be either player vs player (PvP) or player versus environment (PvE) (PvE). PvP gameplay consists of one-on-one combat in which players put their teams against one another for prizes, whilst PvE gameplay is a cooperative experience in which players assault cities in order to proceed through the main plot and collect heroes and $CHI tokens.

The story-driven gameplay is a critical component of the experience, and the game is meant to appeal to a broad user demographic — even those unfamiliar with blockchain technology or NFT games. The plot puts the player in the position of an army commander tasked with conquest of the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu, which involves several civil conflicts and tasks.

As a mass-market game, The Three Kingdoms will encourage participation by keeping entrance barriers low.

The game contains one-of-a-kind NFT-backed digital characters with varied degrees of scarcity. These characters possess six distinct characteristics: assault strength, good fortune, leadership, intelligence, energy, and defense. To optimize their efficiency in combat, players must carefully balance their squad depending on these traits.

Additionally, the three kingdoms are divided into land plots that players may extend by declaring victory in war. Each plot of land is a player-owned asset that may be utilized for a number of reasons, including hosting events and monetizing their plots.

The Three Kingdoms’ gameplay is ingeniously built around the NFT games idea, providing players with a number of methods to gain.

This includes: 

  • Participating in daily, weekly, and monthly special missions
  • Seizing rival cities
  • Staking their NFTs as part
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Benefits of playing NFT games to the brain
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Benefits of playing NFT games to the brain

There’s a belief that NFT games are created for fun and rewards. Of course, the saying is correct that the best game to engage in is NFT gaming. The fact remains that some people will be shocked with this topic. non-fungible token games are games that come with rewards or tips. But there are other benefits one will derive from playing these unique games. We all love to play games, and we don’t know that there’s a way those games are improving the sharpness of our brains. Do you understand that playing NFT games can enhance your brain’s responsiveness? Thus, this article aims at taking you far beyond playing NFT games for having fun and gaining rewards alone.

Generally, games have a way of adding uniqueness to the brain’s functioning. What do I mean? You can’t compare the rate at which a man that has spent time playing video games will respond to matters when it comes to decision-making to a man that doesn’t know anything about NFT games. Even psychologists have carried out several facts to prove that it is good to play video games. Then, the question is, how sure or how possible is it for the best NFT games to contribute to the growth and development of the brain?

I want to urge you to sit tight and focus on this write-up. Here, I will be revealing those things that playing NFT games can add to the development of the brain. Let me quickly chip in this that the reason behind this write-up is to inform you that engaging in NFT games will not only bring you fun and reward. What about its contribution to the effectiveness of the brain? Does it work the way I have been saying it here? 

All you need to do is shun all distractions and focus on this write-up. Without stressing the introduction, join me as you read through some of the benefits of playing non-fungible token games to the brain;

  1. Memory: Playing video games has a way of contributing to the level of sharpness in our brain. The ideas and strategies we put in while playing NFT games are indirectly adding to the improvement of our brain. If you notice that you quickly forget things, you can train yourself by playing video games. I have heard about many people improving from having short-term memory to long-term memory via playing NFT games. What am I saying in essence?

 I am trying to show you how playing these unique games can sharpen one’s memory. There’s no way to stay in the game without pushing oneself to strategically look at a particular way of winning every stage in the game. With that said, our brain is put to work, and unknowingly, our memory is increasing to work in a perfect condition.

  1. Problem-solving skills: If you are used to playing non-fungible tokens games, you will develop an unquestionable ability to solve problems. Generally, games are all about solving one problem or the other. The idea in those games is that the difficulties become more complex as you proceed from one level to another. In fact, one has to think about how to solve other problems that will come one way because the issues are not always the same. Therefore, with NFT games, your brain will respond quickly to solve problems. And you will see the reflection of the problem-solving skills in your daily activities.  learn more about non-fungible token games at
  1. Activeness in making a decision: One of the benefits of playing NFT games is that one will be very active in making decisions. In some of those games, if you are not engaged or quick to make some decisions, you may end up failing or starting all over again. So, if one wants to remain in the game, one must use the brain to decide quickly before the game goes beyond what one will not control. 

Therefore, one of the benefits of playing NFT games is the fact that this game enables us to be active in making and taking decisions.

  1. Curiosity and learning: As you play some of this video, your brain is working and growing. For instance, if the game you are playing is all about solving or completing puzzles to a master level, then your brain must be at work to learn how to complete the puzzles even as you make mistakes. NFT games have a way of increasing our intellectual curiosity. Therefore, one has the tendency or willingness to learn some strategies on how to win the game. By so doing, the brain is being put to work.
  2. Youthfulness: If you want to keep your brain young, playing video games is one of the steps you need to take. As we all increase in age, our memory is exposed to multitasking, which tends to decline even as we grow old. But research has shown that there’s a way we can retain the freshness on our brain. That is, there’s a way to keep the brain young. One of the ways is to engage in playing games. Most significantly, playing video games. learn more ways of keeping your brain young by clicking here.
  3. Social skills: When you play games, the rate at which you’ll be anxious will reduce. Although some people are of the opinion that playing games can make one have poor social skills or isolation while another set of people sees playing video games as a way of improving one’s social ability. Of course, they are all speaking based on their ideologies. However, I want to chip in that spending all precious time playing video games can bring negative social impacts while moderate video games can improve one’s social ability and anxiety. 

Closing thought

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you’ve found something informative and instructive. This write-up is about how playing, engaging, and investing in NFT games add to the brain’s development and growth. Finally, I …

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Best NFT Games
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Best NFT Games to Look up

Many are aware of the value of digital transformation. Anyone reading this essay in the future should be aware that there was a digital transformation movement. Numerous old systems evolved into new configurations. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a prominent technical intervention for digital transformation in the modern day. They have garnered a great deal of attention in a short period of time.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have shown considerable promise for transforming the gaming industry. As a consequence, individuals are curious about the best NFT games and how to select one. The following discussion will educate you about NFT games and the benefits associated with the finest NFT games. Additionally, you can get a sense of the many NFT games that you should begin playing immediately.

Prior to discussing the most popular NFT games in the modern era, it is necessary to grasp what NFT games are. The NFT game is essentially a hybrid of classic gaming functionality and novel gameplay techniques. The major emphasis of the current and forthcoming NFT games is on providing players with more control over in-game assets.

NFT games may let players to exert complete control over virtual territory, skins, weaponry, and characters. The notion of NFT games is possible when games are launched on blockchain networks and economies powered by digital assets are integrated. Due to their tamper-proof and unique character, NFTs are often used as digital assets in these instances. You can find benefits of playing NFT games at

Additionally, the top NFT games guarantee that NFT token criteria are followed, ensuring the uniqueness and rarity of in-game assets. As a result, the value of blockchain- or NFT-based game assets is often believed to be greater than that of other types of assets. By using three key approaches on the NFT games list, players may quickly claim ownership of in-game assets.

Players may create and breed new characters, earn and unlock new goods, or purchase digital assets via third-party or local marketplaces. Regardless of the mode of access, users retain unique ownership rights to in-game content. As such, you can clearly see the play-to-earn paradigm used by NFT games, where players may share or sell their unique in-game assets.

NFT games infuse a slew of benefits into the gaming industry’s established norms. They transformed the gaming business by introducing blockchain technology, which altered the conventional idea of in-game items’ worth. The best NFT games assist players in acquiring new in-game assets and profiting from their distribution or sale.

However, the most significant disadvantage at this moment would be the abundance of possibilities accessible in present and prospective NFT games. Any novice may be perplexed at first glance by the variety of popular NFT games. Here is a summary of some of the most recent references in an NFT games list.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a major entry on the list of the most popular NFT games in the modern era. The game has some thematic parallels to the Pokemon gaming series, but is made more interesting by the use of blockchain technology. Click here to learn more about blockchain technology

Axie Infinity’s main purpose is for users to breed and gather NFT-based creatures known as Axies.

The Axie Infinity game, which is built on Ethereum, puts players against one another. Players should keep in mind that Axie Infinity is a unique addition to the greatest NFT games, as it has the capability of each Axie having a unique genetic fingerprint. As a result, players may also learn how Axies’ talents and weaknesses are passed on to their offspring.

Axies, or digital animals, are tradeable on Ethereum’s NFT markets. You must gather three axie gaming before you can begin playing, and the cost of the Axies varies according to their uniqueness and rarity characteristics. Another significant feature of one of the main NFT games is the Smooth Love Portion, or SLP, which acts as the platform’s native ERC-20 utility currency.

Players earn prizes for completing missions, completing adventure modes, and engaging in player-versus-player combat. Additionally, SLPs may be used to assist players in breeding new Axies, and players can also acquire SLPs through trade. Another significant feature of Axis Infinity is the Axis Infinity Shard, or AXS. It is essentially an ERC-20 token that is accessible as a native token on Axie Infinity as the platform’s governance token.


CryptoKitties is another excellent example of a play-to-earn alternative to NFT games that is also a bit of fun. It is a simple-to-play Ethereum-based game with a straightforward scenario. As a gamer, all you have to do is gather and breed cats on digital networks. Apart from the more mundane activities of collecting and rearing digital cats, you’ll uncover adventures with rewards such as collection creation and puzzle solving. CryptoKitties is arguably the most popular NFT game on our list at the moment. With almost 50,000 generations of CryptoKitties in the game, it’s clear that this NFT game is highly popular.

CryptoKitties demonstrates the effective usage of NFTs by emphasizing the unique characteristics of the digital kitties. Each digital cat has a unique coding sequence that describes its characteristics, and the cost is determined by the generation of the cat. CryptoKitties, for example, is one of the finest NFT games since it includes a marketplace for acquiring, selling, and rearing virtual kittens.

Unchained Gods

Without a doubt, the third inclusion to the NFT games list would include Gods Unchained. It is a free-to-play game that incorporates elements of NFT with a standard card trading game. Players may acquire cards by buying them from other players or by winning them during matches.

The card’s quality and the player’s gaming aptitude are both critical aspects in determining a player’s odds of success in Gods Unchained. The intriguing aspect of Gods Unchained is the appropriately placed focus on tactics and talents, complemented with a ranked game option.…

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I GLITCHED to SPAWN ISLAND and WON!!! (Fortnite Glitch)
Video Games

I GLITCHED to SPAWN ISLAND and WON!!! (Fortnite Glitch)

Fable 3 Review – Things to Know Before You Buy Fable 3

It is only a matter of months before the much-awaited third game of the Fable series hits the shelves, and fans of the series (and the genre as well) are all itching to get their hands on a copy of Peter Molyneux non-linear role-playing NFT game masterpiece. Before you rush to your nearest video game store to purchase a copy, there are certain facts about the game that you need to know beforehand.

Buy Fable 3 – Must-Have Fable 3 Merchandise

With the release of Fable 3 comes a surge of fans willing to buy Fable 3. There are, however, numerous merchandise related to the game that will be available once the game goes global. If you are a certified Fable fan, then there is no need to doubt that the merchandises are a worthy addition to your collection.

What’s Going On With StarCraft II – Wings Of Liberty?

At the moment, we enjoy a lot of strategy PC games with all the advanced features available in the market. We’ll allow you to read more about StarCraft with this StarCraft II preview.

Mafia 2 – Get Adventurous With Mafia II On PS3, Xbox Live And PC

Mafia 2

Mafia 2 is a sequel to Mafia: The City of lost heaven. It is going to be an action video game. This game is being published by 2K games. In this open-world action game, players are expected to assume the role of Vito Scaletta. This Vito Scalleta is an ex-convict and he is a veteran in World War II, who accidentally got into a crime family.

Halo Reach Review

Halo: Reach has at last been released. It is the most anticipated first-person shooter in 2010 for Xbox users. The level creator lets you edit these multiplayer maps that come with the game, or you can start from scratch. Note that four of the thirteen multiplayer maps were revived from previous games. But don’t worry, critics were also gasping by this new release, giving this game a solid 9.5 and 10.

How To Play Starcraft 2 Online – Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide Review

Starcraft 2

If you are a player of this game, you probably noticed that there are a lot of achievements to be earned in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. There are many opportunities to earn achievement points and unlock rewards to be used as new avatars.

Experience a Myriad of Games Free

Gamers are not easily satisfied with only a small number of game options. Usually, games start to bore them easily, especially if the gamer has already a wide experience in the field of play to earn video gaming. If you are this person, you may find it difficult to support continuously your cravings for a new game. Since not all games are cheap to buy, and most of the games require a gaming platform with an expensive tag price, you will see that being a full-pledged avid gamer is expensive.

What Is A StarCraft II Tweak Guide?

Does your StarCraft II game look a little off? Is your game performance slow or unreliable? It is probably your computer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and get a new one. Get a StarCraft II to tweak guide. It will solve your issues and get you playing again.

Mysterious Epic Mickey Game Exposed!

If you haven’t already caught wind, on November 30, 2010, the Disney Corporation will be releasing its upcoming new title about everyone’s favorite rodent: Mickey Mouse. The game is called Epic Mickey, and it will be coming to a video game store near you!

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions PlayStation 3 Review

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is a combination of many universes which are already known for the fans of this franchise and the history of this character from the classic comics. The game gathered all the good aspects from the previous, editions and added new features to please the buyers which are more and more demanding.

If you are fond of playing online video games, why not play video games that can earn you something, you can read about play to earn games at

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