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Amazing things you need to know about Forest knight

Nowadays, people are not just playing games to catch fun alone. You can talk about games to have fun in the olden days. Honestly, these days, people are making money from playing games. The movement first started from my end when I saw the term “play-to-earn games” online. I was thinking from the other side of life about how one can play games and earn. So, I neglected the article I saw online that night. At a time, I thought the writer of that article was talking about in-game rewards that can only be useful within the game. I thought of Super Mario when you’re given extra life to have more chances to stay in the game. The different life offered in Super Mario, for instance, can be regarded as a bonus. So, I wasn’t moved by the headline of that article.  

But someone called my attention to something strange to my ears. The person said that the gaming world is progressing and people must concentrate on playing games this day. I looked at him mercilessly. Then, the man started sharing his experience with Forest Knight. He said I could play forest knight and earn some rewards that could be converted to money. I asked him three questions at the same time. I was like, “how”, “where”, when. So, the man had to take me through the process. So, please permit me to share the procedure with you today so that you also can benefit from it. 

But to have background knowledge, do you know the meaning of play-to-earn games? Have you heard about it before? Please permit me to talk about this unique term briefly.

 What are play-to-earn games? 

I don’t think you need more explanation on this. Play-to-earn games are video games that are connected with blockchain technology. How do I mean? Some games are linked with either non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies. These games are called play-to-earn games. The idea that one can play and make money started a few years ago. Of course, situations contributed to the increased interest in playing games. For instance, in 2019, during the pandemic, Axie Infinity became popular when everyone stayed indoors. The world’s situation then prompts people to think outside the box. People began to think about what they could do from home. So, Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that started in the Philippines and Indonesia during the pandemic. Ever since then, people have been looking for other play-to-earn games they can engage in. Can you imagine someone making close to $1000 in a month without stress? Isn’t that amazing? You also can make more than that. So, play-to-earn games are games that come with fun and bonuses simultaneously.

What is Forest knight?

This unique play-to-earn game is a turn based-strategy non-fungible token game where players can explore lands, battle several creatures and gather heroes. The inspiration behind the creation of this game was drawn from games like Magic and Heroes might and clash Royal. If you are familiar with those games that I mentioned, you should already have a clue about what forest knight looks like. Do you know that knight is the native digital cryptographically secure token of this unique game ecosystem? Of course, it is. And this token will be used as the primary utility within the ecosystem. You can try this game to see what I am talking about.

How to play Forest knight

As a play-to-earn game, Forest Knight can be played on mobile phones. If you want to start playing this game, visit their official website and click the device you want to use to play. You can either choose to play with your PC or your mobile phone. So, this is how it works. Go to Google PlayStore and download the forest knight app if you have an Android phone. Then, you need to register and open an account. The process of creating an account is simple. So, the App will lead you in a step by step guide. Then, what next?

The gameplay

This play-to-earn game is straightforward. It is easy to understand. In this game, players will strategically move their heroes to a certain amount of cells based on the player’s tactic to defeat enemies in adventure and PvP. Now, how do you move your heroes? To move your heroes, you need to select your unit and move it towards the desired cell. One can only draw an action plan per round, and one has to click the end turn to proceed further. Then, you will use your heroes to fight enemies within their range. You can also use a particular skill that can be activated with 

full mana as a player.

As you proceed, you need to advance the stats and tools of your heroes as the adversaries are also getting stronger. One can also fight in mine and earn gold and employ new heroes. 

What are the critical features of forest knights? 

  • Town: The town is where one can hire or recruit heroes, gather one’s team, battle goblins in the mine to earn gold, do quests and purchase gear. 
  • Adventure: The adventure features have several key regions: the lava region, Void region, and so on. So, if you clear every stage in this region, you will earn loots and rewards. That’s the exciting part, right? 
  • Heroes: A player in this play-to-earn game can recruit heroes and create a team of three. It is expedient for you to know that those heroes have their uniqueness and can be upgraded. One can also equip weapons to improve their stats.

On a final note

Dear reader, will you allow this golden opportunity to pass you by? Your excuse was that there was no adequate information. Now that you have all it takes, will you rise and do the needful? Of course, you can. The information provided here is enough to take you through the process. Therefore, please reread this article perhaps; you might have missed something vital. Finally, I …

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See how NFT games instigate capitalism

The popular opinion is that video NFT games are about power fantasies: defeat enough dragons to reach level 99, sell enough wolf skins to get a flashy gold cape, and become wealthy, powerful, or successful in the game’s world—even if you aren’t in real life. Catdicax, a 30-year-old Finnish woman, saw Runescape as a location where she could earn more in-game stuff via hard work and effort. And it was profitable: She had gathered a menagerie of high-end artifacts over the course of ten years of playing NFT games.

Catdicax, on the other hand, eventually got restless. To work so diligently for Runescape’s digital axes or cloaks seemed like a waste of time, a meaningless grind. Catdicax then discovered Axie Infinity in 2019, a blockchain-based video game in which players gather and level up collectable Pokémon-style virtual creatures known as Axies. Players’ Axies, represented by NFTs, compete to earn cryptocurrency tokens, which may be used to breed additional animals. 

However, the game is not about the usual NFT games hype; it is about the economics. As with holographic Charizards on steroids, rarer Axies command exorbitant prices: In 2020, someone paid $130,000 in bitcoin to acquire the rights to a stocky, winged angel named Axie. Smooth Love Potion, or SLP, tokens obtained by defeating opponents in Axie-fights may be sold for cryptocurrencies on internet exchanges and subsequently converted to legal coinage.

Catdicax identifies herself as “poverty [her] whole life.”

(Catdicax uses her screen identity because she is afraid of being “targeted” due to her wealth and concerns about sexist trolling.) She now watches as the value of her digital pets increases from a few dollars to up to $500 each Axie. Catdicax was no longer a bystander. She was a property owner. And when Axie Infinity gained popularity in late 2020, she recognized that many prospective NFT games gamers who couldn’t purchase their own Axies would jump at the chance to profit off hers. 

Catdicax began outsourcing her video gaming grind to individuals she found online, the majority of whom were situated in the Philippines. These players may receive a portion of her profits as part of an Axie loan program—or, in Axie parlance, a scholarship. Catdicax was consumed by a new video game power fantasy: that of becoming a manager.

“I thought, wow, this is incredible. In the Philippines, people are earning twice what they might in a conventional job just by playing this game,” she explains. “I want to accomplish the same thing. I wanted to assist others as well.” (In reality, an investigation by analytics firm Naavik revealed that only the most skilled gamers earned more than the Philippines’ average daily pay of $41.49, while the majority earned little more than the $7.03 daily minimum wage or less.) And that’s before scholarship managers’ fees are deducted.)

The cryptocurrency industry has a new buzzword: NFT games. The word refers to a growing genre of popular NFT games that make use of blockchain technology to reward players with digital things having real-world—or, at the very least, crypto-world—monetary worth. Additionally, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, and Uplands are included. Axie Infinity is the most notable of the three, being the brainchild of Sky Mavis from Vietnam. 

The industry is thriving: According to DappRadar, a cryptocurrency analytics firm, gamers spent more than $2.32 billion in the third quarter of 2021 on blockchain-based unique gaming goods. Andreessen Horowitz’s venture capital grantees have invested millions in startups in the field, including heading a $152 million investment round in Sky Mavis in October. And, perhaps most significantly, hundreds of thousands of people play at any one time: According to Axie Infinity, it has 1.8 million daily users as of August 2021.

When Axie Infinity started in 2018, its only cryptocurrency component consisted of connecting Axies to NFTs—one-of-a-kind units of money that may be produced on the Ethereum blockchain. Then, in late 2019, Sky Mavis released the SLP tokens and opted to allow players harvest them in-game rather than selling them to users. Aleksander Leonard Larsen, cofounder and COO of Sky Mavis, claims his firm is attempting to upend the economic paradigm of online NFT games via the use of bitcoin technology. “Other NFT games companies are constantly looking to extract as much money as possible from players,” Larsen adds, referring to NFT games with business models based on users purchasing unique items or features. In contrast, Axie Infinity and other NFT games, he argues, reward capable players with valuable digital goods.

Even better, these assets do not just exist as numbers on an MMORPG server; they are stored in the player’s bitcoin wallet. Possessing an Axie entails possessing an NFT; SLPs and Axie Infinity’s other currency, AXS, are ERC20 tokens. And, much like a private central banker, Sky Mavis has been gradually establishing a monetary policy that seems to be intended towards preventing token overstock. The business has tightened down on those who create numerous accounts, limited the quantity of tokens available in non-fight mode, and overall made it more difficult to gain tokens.

Analysts speak in unironic terms about “Axie overpopulation” bringing up inflation. (The primary issue, it turns out, is that the little bastards are immortal.) And in November, Sky Mavis unveiled Katana, an automated cryptocurrency market maker where Axie Infinity tokens can be exchanged for ether, establishing a low-cost, direct link between the game and the expanding world of cryptocurrency-fueled decentralized finance, or DeFi.

“Offering DeFi services was a logical progression for us,” Larsen explains. “I mean, if you have a wallet that keeps your digital stuff and also allows for the storage of fungible assets and other objects—all of this inevitably leads to DeFi.” According to DappRadar, Katana soon became one of the most popular DeFi applications in terms of user volume.

When asked what keeps gamers coming back to Axie Infinity, few would mention the game’s gameplay. When Sky Mavis creator Jeff Zirlin polled his Twitter followers in May, 48 percent said they were most thrilled about “the economy.” …

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Things you need to know about Bitcoin Food fight as a play-to-earn game

Are you looking for a play-to-earn game that is not as hard as the likes of Axie Infinity, God’s Unchained and the Sandbox? Do you want to engage and invest your time in playing video games that are entertaining and yet rewarding? Also, let me ask this: Do you want to play a video game that is unique, simple and easy to play? Then, you should know about the Bitcoin Food fight. 

Bitcoin food fight is a play-to-earn game that people are rushing these days. But before I start explaining what you need to know about this unique game, I would like to explain what play-to-earn games entail briefly. What are play to earn games? Play to earn games are video games that come with a massive reward. There’s an enormous connection between these games and blockchain technology. So, when you see a video game that yokes cryptocurrency to tip or reward players with something tangible that has real-world and a computer-generated world value. Rewards given are non-fungible tokens, crypto coins unique tokens that can be used to prove the proprietorship of content like music or images. 

Therefore, as the name suggests, you should know that play-to-earn games are games that join the fun with rewards. They are games that are created to turn people’s lives around. With the bonuses attached to these games, these games are now ruling the world. Like, no one is willing to play games for fun alone these days when you know that there are games you can play and there’ll be an increase to your income.

What is the Bitcoin food fight?

Bitcoin food fight is a fun knife-throwing game that permits players to earn Bitcoin after playing. Bling developed this unique game. Bling in an American company. They are also the brain behind Bitcoin blast and Sweet Bitcoin. The Bitcoin food fight is a play-to-earn game that rewards players in BTC. In addition, the Bling Company thinks that cryptocurrency is the best form of money, so they offer players BTC after playing a Bitcoin food fight. One Amazing thing about this play-to-earn game is that the Company is reliable in rewarding people accordingly. So, they ensure that players earn a reasonable amount of BTC.

Is this game legit?

I can boldly assure you that the Bitcoin food fight play-to-earn game is legit. You can search for people’s reviews about this unique game. Their App is one of the best money-making Apps that process money without any complications. Some games will cheat you when it comes to the aspect of paying or rewarding people the exact coin or cryptocurrency they’ve made. But the case of the Bitcoin food fight is different. So, the answer to the above question is yes. The Bitcoin food fight game is real and legit.

Advantages of playing the Bitcoin food fight game

  1. It’s full of fun and challenges: If you’re looking for a video game full of fun, there’s no other game than a Bitcoin food fight. I love this game because your mind will not be on the rewards; the fun in this game is enough to shift your attention away from being rewarded. Unlike other play-to-earn games that look like you’re fighting a war and everything is so tough that one will not be able to tell the fun in playing them, the Bitcoin food fight game is different. 
  2. It’s free: Before you can participate in Axie Infinity, you need to buy three creatures called Axies. One thing about those Axies is that their price is not stable. As Axie increases sales, the cost to purchase axies to start playing this game also rises. The case is different from the Bitcoin food fight game. It is 100% free. You don’t need any money to buy anything before you can start playing and start earning.
  3. You can withdraw any amount of BTC to your Coinbase account: One of the benefits of investing time to play this unique game is that players have the chance to withdraw their BCT to their Coinbase amount. There’s no minimum or any rule that guides their BTC. You can withdraw your BTC to your Coinbase anytime. 
  4. Limited ads: There are no many ads while playing this game. Unlike other play-to-earn games that are full of ads here and there. The Bitcoin food fight game is different. 
  5. Players earn points if they win or lose: I was wondering why people have not yet been playing this game like how they are playing Axie Infinity. It doesn’t matter if you lose or win in this game. Honestly, you will earn some points whether you lose or win. Isn’t that interesting? 
  6. Instant payment: There’s no time to waste before you can collect your payment. Once you are ready to collect your payment, you will receive it within the twinkle of an eye.

The Bitcoin food fight gameplay

You can tap anywhere to throw the knife on the food. And that will keep you spinning. Don’t forget that your goal is to hit the objects on the food. Then, you should also note that you need to avoid hitting another knife. You’re out of the game if you hit another knife or fork. The only way to prevent the game from being over if you hit another fork or knife is to watch an ad and continue from where you stopped. 

Let me chip in that the game gets more challenging as you move from one level to another. So, have it in mind that the food will spin faster and change direction without prior notice as you move to another level. 

Also, as the game is on, you will get Bling points. The Bling point is what you can exchange for Bitcoin. Of course, you should expect nothing less than one hundred and three points per round. 

Closing thought

Dear reader, what else are you waiting for? This unique play-to-earn game can change your life for better. I have heard …

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Benefits of playing NFT games to the brain
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Benefits of playing NFT games to the brain

There’s a belief that NFT games are created for fun and rewards. Of course, the saying is correct that the best game to engage in is NFT gaming. The fact remains that some people will be shocked with this topic. non-fungible token games are games that come with rewards or tips. But there are other benefits one will derive from playing these unique games. We all love to play games, and we don’t know that there’s a way those games are improving the sharpness of our brains. Do you understand that playing NFT games can enhance your brain’s responsiveness? Thus, this article aims at taking you far beyond playing NFT games for having fun and gaining rewards alone.

Generally, games have a way of adding uniqueness to the brain’s functioning. What do I mean? You can’t compare the rate at which a man that has spent time playing video games will respond to matters when it comes to decision-making to a man that doesn’t know anything about NFT games. Even psychologists have carried out several facts to prove that it is good to play video games. Then, the question is, how sure or how possible is it for the best NFT games to contribute to the growth and development of the brain?

I want to urge you to sit tight and focus on this write-up. Here, I will be revealing those things that playing NFT games can add to the development of the brain. Let me quickly chip in this that the reason behind this write-up is to inform you that engaging in NFT games will not only bring you fun and reward. What about its contribution to the effectiveness of the brain? Does it work the way I have been saying it here? 

All you need to do is shun all distractions and focus on this write-up. Without stressing the introduction, join me as you read through some of the benefits of playing non-fungible token games to the brain;

  1. Memory: Playing video games has a way of contributing to the level of sharpness in our brain. The ideas and strategies we put in while playing NFT games are indirectly adding to the improvement of our brain. If you notice that you quickly forget things, you can train yourself by playing video games. I have heard about many people improving from having short-term memory to long-term memory via playing NFT games. What am I saying in essence?

 I am trying to show you how playing these unique games can sharpen one’s memory. There’s no way to stay in the game without pushing oneself to strategically look at a particular way of winning every stage in the game. With that said, our brain is put to work, and unknowingly, our memory is increasing to work in a perfect condition.

  1. Problem-solving skills: If you are used to playing non-fungible tokens games, you will develop an unquestionable ability to solve problems. Generally, games are all about solving one problem or the other. The idea in those games is that the difficulties become more complex as you proceed from one level to another. In fact, one has to think about how to solve other problems that will come one way because the issues are not always the same. Therefore, with NFT games, your brain will respond quickly to solve problems. And you will see the reflection of the problem-solving skills in your daily activities.  learn more about non-fungible token games at
  1. Activeness in making a decision: One of the benefits of playing NFT games is that one will be very active in making decisions. In some of those games, if you are not engaged or quick to make some decisions, you may end up failing or starting all over again. So, if one wants to remain in the game, one must use the brain to decide quickly before the game goes beyond what one will not control. 

Therefore, one of the benefits of playing NFT games is the fact that this game enables us to be active in making and taking decisions.

  1. Curiosity and learning: As you play some of this video, your brain is working and growing. For instance, if the game you are playing is all about solving or completing puzzles to a master level, then your brain must be at work to learn how to complete the puzzles even as you make mistakes. NFT games have a way of increasing our intellectual curiosity. Therefore, one has the tendency or willingness to learn some strategies on how to win the game. By so doing, the brain is being put to work.
  2. Youthfulness: If you want to keep your brain young, playing video games is one of the steps you need to take. As we all increase in age, our memory is exposed to multitasking, which tends to decline even as we grow old. But research has shown that there’s a way we can retain the freshness on our brain. That is, there’s a way to keep the brain young. One of the ways is to engage in playing games. Most significantly, playing video games. learn more ways of keeping your brain young by clicking here.
  3. Social skills: When you play games, the rate at which you’ll be anxious will reduce. Although some people are of the opinion that playing games can make one have poor social skills or isolation while another set of people sees playing video games as a way of improving one’s social ability. Of course, they are all speaking based on their ideologies. However, I want to chip in that spending all precious time playing video games can bring negative social impacts while moderate video games can improve one’s social ability and anxiety. 

Closing thought

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you’ve found something informative and instructive. This write-up is about how playing, engaging, and investing in NFT games add to the brain’s development and growth. Finally, I …

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