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Classic Game Review: Video Stock Market

The screen looks like the electronic ticker tape above a trading floor of a regional stock market and the “real time” nature of the dynamic market environment effectively simulates a reality missing from many investment strategy games. The game also offers an advantage over several investment strategy games in that several players may compete in the same market environment. Those who want a “beer and pretzels” type of investment game will be pleased with the fast-moving and “tongue in-cheek” VIDEO STOCK MARKET (VSM).

Classic Game Review: Valley of the Kings

In this action-adventure, set in ancient Egypt, you guide an animated character through a maze of passages, picking up objects of value, and fight or manoeuvre around an array of guards, trolls, and other beasts. The documentation is well written. No one should have any trouble knowing what to do.

Classic Game Review: Under Southend Skies

Captain Hans lowered his binoculars, his red eyes burning from vainly trying to pierce the gray mist. He blinked his eyes and returned to scanning the horizon. There he was..

A Video Game Review: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Adventures

Microsoft just released a new addon for the the popular Video Game console Xbox 360. You must have all heard of the “Kinect” sensor by now. This is a review of the Xbox 360 video game title Kinect Adventures. Touched upon in this review will be the several in game aspects or “adventures” in the new Xbox title and how this new game technology interacts with you… the controller.

Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console Review

Everyone wants the latest and greatest gamer console. But sometimes budgets won’t allow it. This Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console review can help you decide if buying an older Xbox bundle is the right choice to save some cash on a new video game console.

Bully: Scholarship Edition for Windows Computers

In Bully, the player takes control of 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, a rebellious teen. He is dropped off at Bullworth Academy, a crumbling preparatory school, while his fifth stepfather and mother go on a year-long honeymoon cruise. He has to make the best of his time, climbing the social ladder and winning over the people of Bullworth.

Assassin’s Creed – Deceptively Fun!

The one game that was eagerly waited for with bated breath was Assassins Creed. The game is split into three parts, two of which were released in the PSP as well as the PC versions.

The Benefits Of Interactive Gaming Systems

If you’re looking to purchase a new video gaming system for your child on his or her birthday, then there are a number of reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a new interactive gaming system from one of the popular gaming system manufacturers. Here are some benefits of of interactive gaming systems.

Ezio Takes the Role of Master Assassin in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Set basically in Rome, this follow up to the critically praised Assassin’s Creed II features returning characters from the prior game and includes new features e. G the capability to command members of your guild in combat, a new armoury of weapons and multi-player game support in which players can assume different killer characters.

What’s Hot? Mario Kart Wii

There are a few additions to this game worth mentioning. Mario Kart for Wii ships the game with a Wii Wheel – a shell that holds the Wii remote and makes the motion-controlled steering more realistic. This helps to bring out the Chuck E. Cheese racer in all of us. Also, Kart has introduced bikes and a midair stunt system into the game…

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