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Need For Speed: The Run Review!

Brace yourself for the next generation of video games, the next edition of the wildly popular Need For Speed series, entitled The Run. Running is exactly what you’ll be doing too… Continue reading the rest of this article to get the whole scoop on the new Need For Speed: The Run video game.

Antrim Escape 3 Review and Tips

Antrim Escape 3 is the third part of the Antrim Escape series for iDevices. Fans of room escape games should definitely give it a try.

Willy Wiener and the Tunnel of Doom Review

Willy Wiener and the Tunnel of Doom is a bizarre but enjoyable game. It’s short but has plenty of craziness to offer.

Mobile Gaming Quality Improving As Devices Improve

The problem with the relatively new market of mobile games has been the limitations of the mobile devices but are we beginning to see those restrictions ease? Games designed for playing on handsets and other mobile devices are improving as game developers are able to build more elaborate graphics and, whilst we probably won’t see serious gamers flinging their PS3s, Xboxes and Nintendo in the trash just yet, there are new breeds of games coming out that do offer more. Typically the type of game on offer for the average iPhone user little more than a year ago…

Club Penguin – Kids Virtual Worlds

Club Penguin is massively multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) that was launched in October 2005. It was developed by Club Penguin Entertainment and purchased by The Walt Disney Company in 2007. The website consists of online games and activities for children from age 6 to 14. The site has a typical Disney-looking feel to it with cartoon penguin avatars that children customize to use as their online personality. The game has also spawned physical video games for Nintendo and books.

Pandanda – A Virtual World for Kids

Pandanda is an online social networking game that was launched in 2008. It is currently a live site that is aimed at children from ages 6 to 14. The site was originally tested in beta mode for free until the program worked out its kinks and programming issues. The site is a cute-looking, innocuous children’s website with cuddly non-threatening red panda bears and small forest animals – much like children’s stuffed animals or animated animals on a preschooler’s television show. Members choose a red panda as an avatar and move through the site chatting with other avatars.

Planet Cazmo Review

Planet Cazmo is a virtual world for kids that was launched in November, 2007. The site began as a beta test site for a year until the official public launch in December 2008. The site is aimed at children from age 8 to 14. This virtual world exists on an alien planet where players socialize with each other, play games and generally exist with much more freedom than they do in their normal lives.

EPOCH Game Review

EPOCH is a post-apocalyptic 3D iPhone/iPad game that features cover-based shooting to deliver fast-paced and addictive gameplay. Just about anyone can easily enjoy this game.

Don’t Wait to Purchase Battlefield 3 for Your Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 was my most anticipated first person shooter (FPS) game of the year. The previews looked stunning, but there was some fear that what was in the previews was the PC version, and would be watered down to play on the consoles. Thankfully console owners will not be disappointed.

Cause of Death iPhone Game Review and Tips

Cause of Death is an interactive story of the likes of an adult Choose Your Own Adventure book. It’s free to download, with free content added regularly. It’s a murder mystery that puts you in several different roles, even the murderer!

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