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Classic Game Review: Submarine Commander

Its World War II and you are in command of a diesel submarine somewhere in the Mediterranean. Your mission: to destroy all enemy merchant shipping in these waters. You’ve tracked this convoy for ten minutes and you’re ready to strike.

Classic Game Review: The Blade Of Black Pole

The Blade of Black pole (BB) is an illustrated fantasy game similar in format to ‘The Wizard and the Princess”. The object of BB is to recover the magical sword and return it to the altar from whence it was stolen. Rumours speak of a secret chamber near Black pole in which sword is said to lie.

Classic Game Review: The Alpine Encounter

The Alpine Encounter is a graphics adventure game, the first in Ibids Vodac Adventure Series. Some background information, as well as a telegram from your boss, Freedman, awaits you as you open the box. You learn that, at the Peking Imperial Museum, two people broke in and stole a vase dating back to the first Ming Dynasty.

Classic Game Review: Squire

“I’m tired of playing this game. It doesn’t have anything to do with reality!” If you’ve ever felt that way about financial strategy games, you’ve never played any of Blue Chip Software’s simulations.

Classic Game Review: Speculator

“At 6:49 A.M. CST, Hong Kong Gold reports are that gold is weaker against the U.S. Dollar.” You hurriedly phone your broker and put in an order to sell gold “short” (that is, sell gold that you don’t have at present on the assumption that you can purchase it at a lower price before you have to “deliver”). In SPECULATOR, you get a chance to interpret news reports and estimate their effect on market conditions. Unlike many simulations which reflect price changes over weekly or monthly periods, SPECULATOR practically puts you in the pit. It simulates “real time” trading with a scale of 1 minute of playing time equal to 6 minutes of “real time.” The graphics even allow you the privilege of watching your broker answer the phone and view the floor broker moving to the appropriate post to execute your order on the floor of the exchange.

Classic Game Review: Space Station Zulu

SPACE STATION ZULU (SSZ) is a humorous strategy game of space station defence. The Yargs are a peace loving race who like to study and investigate the galaxy they inhabit. After discovering the Xhapthon Star Drive, the Yargs became very deeply involved in space exploration.

Classic Game Review: Six Gun Shootout

Tuco’s smile was a mixture of annoyance and amusement. He was unaccustomed enough to hot baths to resent the intrusion of any member of the male sex into his private paradise, but it struck his sadistic sense of humour to think of the interloper’s expression when he looked behind the screen and found the tub empty. Tuco tensed his finger gently back on the trigger as the one-armed would-be assassin peered around the screen to find his target absent from the tub and a lead “No Trespassing” sign headed for his chest.

PS3 Game Review: Fallout: New Vegas

America is a nuclear wasteland in chaos. Now go out there and survive. What better premise could there be for a sandbox shooter-RPG game like this second entry in the revived Fallout series? I would find a virtual hiking game exciting if it operated off of that premise. Not that you won’t do plenty of hiking early on, but New Vegas does an incredible job of balancing first-person shooter and RPG genres with a survivalist sandbox frame of mind, providing very compelling gameplay and storyline that deserves multiple playthroughs.

Fable 3 Review

What can I say about this 3rd romp through Albion? It’s got it’s own charm, I’ll give it that. A majestic land full of what can only be described as British people that don’t take kindly to being belched or farted at, yet for some reason love to have a stranger walk up to them and dance with them in the streets.

Michael Jackson Wii Game – Is There Any Better Dancing Game For Wii?

Are you one of the excited fans who has been waiting for the Michael Jackson video game to be released? Come check out the great features and everything else this game has to offer that other Wii dancing games do not have.

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