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Space Rangers Review

Now, Space Rangers isn’t the kind of game that pops into this particular reviewer’s mailbox every day. Actually, it proved to be quite a reluctant visitor. You see, this is not the kind of game that has some huge publisher behind it, with money to burn on lavish commercials and extravagant events. This is the kind of game that many of us like best, the kind that comes out of absolutely nowhere, and whose reputation builds up through word of mouth. Other indie games, such as Darwinia and Trackmania also fall into this category. I had to actually contact the publisher myself for a review copy, after I’d seen a few stellar reviews out there. After a little while, they responded very kindly, sent me the game, and even threw a personal note for me into the package. That’s a first for me.

City of Villains Review

When City of Heroes was first released in 2004 it was pretty clear that the universe filled with superheroes was only halfway done. Just as Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without the Sith Lords, no life of a hero can be complete without some super villains to fight. With City of Villains Cryptic and NCsoft’s online RPG becomes a much more complete experience.

Plants Vs Zombies: A New Wave of a Game

This is a game that is going to continue to be among the reliable favorites of many people. From the casual gamer who likes that a round doesn’t take long to complete, to the zombie enthusiast who can’t get enough of the undead, this will be a title that one shouldn’t miss.

Day of Defeat: Source Review

Day of Defeat the second game in this holy trinity of Half-Life mods to receive the Source treatment. Like Counter-Strike, DoD’s mix of realism and arcade accessibility earned it widespread popularity among online shooter fans. It also managed to capture an authentic WWII atmosphere through polished level design and great attention to detail.

Ultimate Spiderman Review

Ultimate Spider-Man is Treyarch’s third incarnation of the Spider-Man series on home consoles. Over the first two games there have been many ups and down with lots of interesting and many disappointing gameplay features. The old saying “third time lucky” may be proven to be true here however if you are of the superstitious kind Treyarch could have had some bad luck along the way as it looks as if everything did not go to plan.

War World Video Game Review

Mech games have had a well-established history on the PC but have tended to require a lot of effort to get into. Third Wave has decided that all the traditional fiddling with heat-sinks and jump jet settings is unnecessary and has stripped the old Mechwarrior concept down to the deep and dirty basics with War World.

Serious Sam Review A Look Into Gaming Past

It was long ago that “3-D shooters” – that is, action games that are played from a first-person perspective – focused less on the plot and more on the over-the-top alien-blastin’ heroes such as Duke Nukem or the Space Marine from “Doom.” But as this popular genre matured during the last couple of years, game developers began to add new elements of game play, such as deeper story mechanics (for example, “Half-Life,” “Jedi Knight”), more stealth (the “Thief” series) or a tighter focus on tactical team combat (“Tribes,” “Team Fortress”).

Call of Duty Ghosts – A Game Near Reality

Call of Duty: Ghosts is among the video games which involve a first person shooter. It was developed by Infinity Ward Raven Software, Neversoft and Treyarch and published by Activision.

Grand Theft Auto V Challenges You

Video games lovers are in for a big treat with the entry of Grand Theft Auto V which is to be released mid September. This is the very first time that it is being introduced into the Grand Theft Series. Rockstar North created the game and used the services of Rockstar games to publicize it. Anyone who played the previous series will agree that Grand Theft Auto V leaves you both thrilled and challenged. It also allows the player to use their creative side in order to successfully conclude each mission.

Rayman Legends Review

It’s true I was late to the party but still it’s difficult to believe it’s been just under two years since Rayman made his spectacular come back in 2011’s masterful platformer Rayman: Origins. The title was an awesome return to form for the limbless wonder after a prolonged spell of absence during which time the Raving Rabbids were left driving the historic franchise forward in less than traditional style. Although Origins received a critically positive reception upon its release sales figures sadly didn’t match up with the games high quality – not that it stopped the eye catching tightly controlled…

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