A Look at the New Pokemon Emerald

The final gem in this Pokemon game series, the Emerald version takes you on a great adventure that gives new challenges and some great additions that are not found in the Sapphire or Ruby. This article offers a sparkling review of the game.

Batman Video Games Through the Years

Who hasn’t been fascinated with this superhero that is so different from other superheroes, not having any special powers at all save his cunning? Starting as a DC Comics character, the dark knight now invades not just the television and movie screens but also video games. Batman video games are created to allow the Caped Crusader’s fans live the life of a superhero, saving lives and a protecting the residents of Gotham City from the evils lurking when the streets get dark.

Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands Review

Not many people know that original Prince of Persia was released in 1989 and it was 2D platform game that has invented the action platform game genre. Nevertheless, Prince of Persia didn’t become famous until Ubisoft bought the franchise and released Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Alpha Protocol Game

Alpha Protocolshas recently banned on PC and seems to be getting satisfying responses from the gamers across different countries. This RPG game is developed by obsidian who previously developed a great remarkable game called “Never winter Nights 2” and Knights of the old Republic 2. In this game you are going to play an interesting character which is Spy deals with top secret activities mostly for US government.

Is 3D Playstation the Future of Gaming?

Do you think 3D Playstation is going to be the future of gaming? Come and get all the information you need to make a good decision.

The Appeal of Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Ruby carries the same charm, the same appeal as all the other Pokemon games. The concept behind these games is simply brilliant, perfect, in that sort of “simple genius” sort of way. It’s not that it’s some far out idea that happens to be brilliant, it’s just that it’s such a smart idea that it’s strange that it wasn’t capitalized on before Pokemon did it.

Helpful Information About Pokemon Leafgreen

Pokemon Leafgreen is a remake of the previous version of the game which was simply titled Pokemon Green (version). This game differs from the previous version because new areas can be explored as well as the variety of Pokemon offered. Here is some more information on the game.

Gaming Information on Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon is a very popular franchise that originated in Japan and spread all over the world. Many Pokemon products like television shows, movies, toys, and games have been made. Pokemon FireRed is one of the games. Here is some information on it.

Play Restaurant City to Master Real World Skills & Have Fun While You’re Learning

If you want to both have fun – and gain practical, Real World experience – consider playing Restaurant City, a game allows you to create and run your own virtual restaurant. You will choose the decor of your restaurant and all its merchandise; hire waiters, chefs and (maybe) janitors; plan exotic menus; earn money – and be rewarded or punished for bad decisions, just like reality.

Burger Bustle Game Review

Manage your restaurant, hire waiters and cooks, and serve your very own choice of food and drink in Burger Bustle! Practice your managerial and strategic skills as you run a burger joint, selling everything from burgers and fries to drinks and ice cream. Stay on your toes and serve your customers as fast as you can to earn more money and awards, and defeat your competition in this fast-paced time management game!

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