every death i rip a rare pokemon card…

Rift – MMORPG Download

Somehow, the horde of male adolescents, young adults, and young adults at heart have learned a lot about Rift without playing it at all. The game, like many a MMORPG download, focuses on you, the player, being born with strength or magical powers in a universe where interaction with other dimensions and unrest is expected. Rift, however, has taken this cliché idea and expanded on it quite well.

Pro Flight Simulator – Take to the Skies!

This is a high level overview of the software package Pro Flight Simulator. One that I find to be completely realistic, a good challenge, and overall very entertaining.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Remember Eden games? Back in 2007 they announced a wonderful new concept. A game in which players have to obey the traffic rules and can slowly work their way up in the world of fame by buying new cars and having a strong grip on the real estate market. In the wake of the announcement, a new game came out called Test Drive Unlimited. And now, after an absence of 3 years, they are back! It’s name: Test Drive Unlimited 2.

How to Make a Video Game for the First Time

Those who love games and technology may also be interested on how to make a video game. If you are one, then you’ll be glad to know that one could be an activity developer in your own ways. Congratulations, you don’t just play video games since you can make them also.

Everyone’s Talking About Angry Birds – What Is It?

Since the middle of 2010, Angry Birds has been dominating the mobile marketplace. Have you played it yet? Learn how it started and why it’s so famous.

New Games by Capcom for the Year 2011

Capcom is a leading developer of console and mobile games. The company recently launched its new line of games IOS. In the next couple of months will see the following games: Resident Evil VS, Devil May Cry 4 and Cafe Zombie. All games are aimed at the IOS platform for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Killzone 3 – An Action Shooter Game for PS3 System

Entertainment industry publishing its new action shooter game for PS3 on 22 February. Killzone 3 is also follows the same procedures which were in Killzone, Killzone: Liberation and Killzone 2 but with many new advance features. Here you can find the story of Killzone 3 that in which worst conditions ISA soldiers have to survive.

Tips to Help You Navigate XBox 360’s Prince of Persia

The XBox 360 “Prince of Persia” is a great game for family fun, but there are some aspects of it that can be a little tricky for younger game players or those who are new to gaming. In this article I’m going to provide some tips that will make the game a little easier to navigate. Don’t worry; I’m not going to give the game away. This is not a walk-through. These are just some tips that I have learned as I have played the game, that will help you avoid getting stuck and to help you maneuver more easily.

Review: Tim Schafer’s “Stacking” (XBLA, PSN)

I’m a gleeful inhabitant of Stacking’s imaginative and alluring world. I have a childlike exuberance for charming design, and Tim Schafer’s industrial-era marriage of matryoshka dolls and timeless adventure gameplay is nothing if not full-to-the-brim with the exact kind of charm I love.

Top PS3 Games That Are Worth Getting This Season

Many people look far and wide to add the top PS3 games in their collection. This article discusses two of the highly anticipated and highly rated games that are taking gaming stores by storm.

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