Fortnite added health per kill back…

Why Should You Play Flying Simulator Games?

Many people are seeking a fun and exciting flying simulator game mostly as a way to escape or as a hobby. The interesting thing is, what they initially thought would be just a fun new game to play soon turns into something else! They soon find that they’ve become flat out addicted to playing airplane simulator games.

Mass Effect 2 Review – My Honest Review of Mass Effect 2

If you are looking for a truthful review of Mass Effect 2, you’ve come to the right place. I recently borrowed Mass Effect 2 from a friend and figured I would write up a little review of the game. Let me start by saying the graphics are extremely detailed. The way the game artists put the details in to the game is amazing.

World of Warcraft Help Guide – Zygors Power Leveling Guide

As many people know, World of Warcraft is a very popular game but can ingest hours of peoples time. This Guide helps that if you are looking to quickly get to level 85 to start your PvP onset. Possibly your guild is forcing you get hit level 85 in so many days or you out of the guild You just want the fastest possible way to get to the level you need.

Game Copy Wizard Review Article

The great game Copy Wizard is advanced software for people who need to make perfect copies of the favorite DVD movies music and even games. The software works with all video games from the first generation to the latest Wii consoles. The software has an extremely easy to use interface. The commands that are used are install, load and copy. It’s as simple as that. For any limited time it’s retailing at $29.99. This is a huge discount from the original price of $ 49.99. Should you match…

AR Invaders iPhone Game Review

AR Invaders is an Augmented Reality game meaning that it uses your iPhone 4g Camera together with in-game graphics to create an illusion that you are fighting alien ships in real world. There are two basic types of gameplay available which is the 360 and 180 degree modes. In AR Invaders 360 mode you rotate the camera to find enemies, you will need some elbow space in this mode as it requires you to move your body.

Cabal Online: A Game Of Epic Proportions

Cabal was first released in Korea in October 2005 and the license was not bought for North America until February 2008. Since then there has been 7 major updates adding more features to better the game. There are six character classes in Cabal Online.

The Most Popular Truck Games For Kids

Trucks are those special toys that kids of all ages never seem to get enough. Watching toy vehicles move across the floor and crash into each other fascinates young children. Boys are especially fond of these timeless action toys as they are rough, tough and adventurous forms of entertainment. Even online truck games are a big hit for kids who enjoy loads of crashing and banging fun.

Super Mario World SNES Review

The Mario franchise always springs to mind when thinking of the gaming all time greats. Having now sold over 250 million copies this game is a huge part of why. As a child this was the first taste I really had of Super Mario.

World of Warcraft: Worth It?

Is World of Warcraft, together with it’s three expansions, really worth your money? Read my un-bias review and decide whether it’s the game for you!

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Last E3 was a key moment for Nintendo and its more immediate plans as Wii is concerned. Among the many pledges made to the successful home console had one that was particularly exciting. Donkey Kong back to the way that best gave the mid-nineties: the two-dimensional platform. From the hand of the monkey Retro Studios most famous video game industry had its moment of glory with Returns, which would become the fourth installment of the saga Country that taste as good left in Super Nintendo.

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