Classic Game Review: Napoleon at Waterloo

The endless rain poured down as Napoleon paced nervously in front of his command tent. Before him lay the 64,000 well entrenched men of Wellington’s Allied Army. On his right, and still several hours away, the leading elements of the Prussian Army continued their advance.

Classic Game Review: Nautilus

Nautilus is a fast action game of sub and destroyer warfare. As captain of the Nautilus you are given the job of destroying enemy cities block by block and capturing the proto-pods that lie inside them. Proto-pods give the Nautilus energy that is vital to the engines, defence and life support systems.

Classic Game Review: Necromancer

It’s the age of darkness and evil wizard Tetragorn rules supreme. He has many allies – halting spirits and legions of arachnids and the Earth is in his grip of terror. Only you, a lone Druid, have the power to defeat him.

Classic Game Review: Night Mission

NIGHT MISSION (NM), Sub Logic’s addition to the video pinball craze, puts together the best features of the finest pinball games for the Apple. It has the smooth ball animation of Budgeco RASTER BLASTER (RB), with the complex machine design of DAVID’S MIDNIGHT MAGIC (DMM) by Broderbund, and more features than the other two combined. NM’s graphics are incredibly smooth, especially considering the tremendously high ball speeds, DMM, on the other hand, has a tendency to slide the ball into a path when it shouldn’t, or bounce it out before it should.

Classic Game Review: Hard Hat Mack

Hard Hat Mack (HHM) is another arcade game by San Mateo based Electronic Arts. HHM requires you to complete three distinct construction duties while avoiding Vandals, OSHA Inspectors and a variety of other on-the-job hazards. Level one involves picking up four sections of girder and placing them in four gaps found in the building.

Classic Game Review: Oils Well

Oil’s Well (OW) develops the old “clean out the maze” concept in a fun, new way. To see OW in your mind’s arcade do this: imagine Pac-Man on a tether that you can retract with the touch of a button. He enters at the top centre of the maze and snakes his way at right angles munching up dots (oil pellets) and avoiding the touch of his foes (Oozies and Land Mines) that continuously glide across the screen.

Classic Game Review: Old Ironsides

OLD IRONSIDES (01) is an excellent example of a game that combines graphic/arcade features with strategic planning. Grognards from the WOODEN SHIPS AND IRON School of fighting sail games may at first find OI “too simplistic”. There is no selecting of ammo type (chain for sails, grapeshot for antipersonnel, ball for hull damage), there is no boarding, and there is no this or that.

Classic Game Review: One On One

With 15 seconds to go, score tied 24-24; Dr. J inbounds the ball at the 3 point line. He fakes left, drives right, and with:05 left on the clock goes up with a 16 foot turn-around jumper.

Classic Game Review: Lordlings of Yore

Lordlings of Yore (LOY) is a game of strategy, tactics, and diplomacy set in the era of knights and chivalry. You and your opponents begin the game with an equal number of troops and wealth, but with a different geographic situation in your respective shire (you can also impose handicaps on game players if desired). Your objective is to eliminate the opposing Lordlings and ultimately become the Lord of the Realm.

Games With Stick People Battle It Out on the iPhone

Stick figure games come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, there are so many of these games available from the App Store that it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Which ones are worth checking out?

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