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Mobil 1 Racing Academy

The Mobil 1 Racing Academy is an online racing game in 3D. It features different racing challenges.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

Operation Flashpoint Red River is the sequel to Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, and has improved greatly on the formula of the previous game, in terms of AI, interface, and using the command wheel more effectively. You are part of Outlaw 2 Bravo, a United States Marine Fireteam operating in a country called Tajikistan in 2013, battling terrorist groups and even some old foes along the way.

Bleed (PC) Review

Bleed is a 2D side-scrolling retro-styled action-platformer from Bootdisk Revolution, an indie game developer of one – Ian Campbell. With colorful pixel-style artwork, cheeky humor, good mechanics, and wackiness aplenty Bootdisk Revolution gives Bleed the overall feel of an homage to the great 8 and 16-bit platformers we 30+ gamers grew up playing on our old consoles and in arcades.

Far Cry 3 Game Review: It’s a Jungle Out There!

The PS3 game, Far Cry 3 is a tropical paradise and nightmare all beautifully blended into one heck of an engaging game. Whether fighting militia, dodging Komodo Dragons and tigers (who will definitely ruin your day), diving into the ocean only to be attacked by a shark, Far Cry 3 is an open-world sandbox beckoning for discovery.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Offers High Tension and Difficulty

XCOM can be a brutally difficult game when it wants to be. What’s so difficult? Basically, you need to keep aliens at bay, while making as many countries happy, as you possibly can. If you don’t, they will leave the Council (that’s who you need to be happy for the game to continue, because “they will be watching.”) Too many countries leave the Council, it’s game over.

Is DMC: Devil May Cry the Worst or Best Entry in the Series?

The latest entry in the series of Devil May Cry has come with a lot of controversy. It was in development for close to 5 years and is considered both a prequel and a reboot. Many find the new look and different personality of Dante the main protagonist off putting. The story has also been under a lot of criticism as well.

Bioshock Infinite Game Review

The third installment in the Bioshock series, Bioshock Infinite improves on the already stellar gaming series in every way. Ken Levine has brought his masterpiece series to the forefront of the final cycle of games for the PlayStation 3 system.

The Bard’s Tale

When I read IGN’s review of the Bard’s Tale in which they said that it is the funniest game they have ever played, I did not believe it at first. But, of course, within the first ten minutes, I realized that they were right. The Bard’s Tale is an RPG, with talented humor and it is so addictive!

Guild Wars 2 Review – A Look at the Gameplay, Classes, PVE Scaling, and Improvements From GW 1

Guild Wars has always been one of the most popular MMORPGs, second to only World of Warcraft. Its gorgeous graphics, characterization, and fantasy setting have made it a very appealing game to millions of online gamers. Due to the success of the first game, there was a lot of hype behind Guild Wars 2. So far, it’s lived up to its expectations.

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Review – A Look at SC4, Rush Hour Expansion, and the Features They Offer

SimCity and similar games have always had a large following. They give people the chance to design and create entire cities. It’s an amazing experience to watch your city grow, bit by bit, over time. The new SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition offers more tools, resources, and features than the standard version.

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