How to get a PUMP every game in Fortnite Season 6… (OVERPOWERED)

The Pros and Cons of Pro Flight Simulator

Many believe that flight simulators are effective tools in teaching would be pilots to ride an airplane yet they are mistaken. Pro flight simulator programs might look effective at first but it does not have the proper applications and training packages that a pilot would need. Before tackling on the how the program works, there are some things that you need to know about it first.

Bulletstorm Review: It’s Brash, It’s Funny, It’s Not Your Traditional Shooter

Bulletstorm strikes me as quite possibly the most supremely epic mannishly manly game for manly men. Released in February 2011, the seemingly non-traditional first-person shooter has enjoyed it fair share of commercial success and highly positive reviews despite having been heavily critiqued and scrutinized for containing ‘inappropriate’ content. GRAYSON’S STORY Bulletstorm is an outrageously goofy and violence riddled science-fiction ‘epic’ (sort of) set in the 26th century.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Review: Shepard Strikes Out

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the Reapers are coming and come Mass Effect 3, they’re going to hit the human race hard. With that said, let’s take a quick moment to talk about Arrival, the latest and final DLC installment to Mass Effect 2. The Final Chapter At the behest of good ol’ Admiral Hackett (damn that sexy voice), Shepard embarks on a solo mission to save Dr.

How Video Games Can Help Your Children

Many people will talk about how bad video games are and that they do absolutely no good for children. The truth is that video games can actually provide a number of benefits for children. Here are some ways that video games can actually help your children.

Review: The Biggest Loser for Wii

Losing weight with the Biggest Loser from Wii! The Biggest Loser for Wii offers the perfect blend of technology and at home fitness workouts. Upon starting the game, a user will input their personal information, like their height and current weight, which will then allow them to customize their own workout plan. The different workouts the Biggest Loser contains include over 88 different exercises that combine to create the ideal total body workout. Individual exercises target the upper body, lower body, and focus upon the practice of yoga and cardio workouts.

The Best Wii Games For Teens and Adults

The Wii keeps our family fit, healthy and entertained for hours. Wii Fit has yoga poses, sports, core muscle exercises and balance tests to make sure you have a well rounded fitness routine. The teens enjoy Band hero – they can play the drums, strum the guitar and sing along to popular songs. The best games for me are Snowball Fight and Obstacle Course on Wii Fit Plus. Birds Eye and Cycling are fun as well.

Sniper Elite Nintendo Wii Review

There have been a lot of similar themes of shooters and shooting games available online and the sniper elite is a welcome addition to these World War II games. Similar to the other WWII games, you play an elite American sniper disguised as a soldier, who was sent into the dangerous conflict that mushroomed between the Russians and Germans.

World Of Tanks – Top Notch Shoot ‘Em Up

Brought to you by, World of Tanks is a 3rd person shooter where players are thrown against each other in World War 2 style tank battles. World of tanks brings with it great graphics, customisation and simplicity in gameplay.

NASCAR 2011: The Game – Review

The experience of a freshly baked steak and burning rubber can be nothing short of breathtaking. And all that can now be experienced from the comfort your own home with NASCAR 2011 the game. But is this Eutechnyx developed game worth playing?

Super Mario 64 DS Review

If you loved playing Mario 64 back in the day, you are really going to love it now. A new generation is being exposed to this classic game, thanks to its availability for Nintendo DS. New features in Super Mario 64 DS include multiple unlockable mini-games. Regular play begins as Yoshi and doors are unlocked so you can become Luigi, Wario, and Mario. Each of these characters possesses special abilities and all will be needed to find the 150 Power Stars hidden in the castle grounds.

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