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Review of Flash Game: Little Samurai

Be afraid of the Japanese Teletubby Ninja who runs across Japan with his samurai sword. Not only is he nauseatingly cute, to the point of almost being disgusting, but he also speaks baby “babble” instead of Japanese. At least he befriends a grizzly bear and dragon instead of a giggling sun in his first ten minutes of fame.

Infamous 2 – Review

Infamous 2 is the sequel to the superhero sandbox videogame Infamous. Developed by Sucker Punch and published by SCEA exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Review of Flash Game: Skinny

Skinny is a delightful blend of the movie Coraline and the game Limbo, rolled into a short flash game. The game starts with the main character, a shadowy robot named Skinny, looking for his son’s marbles. After his son’s marbles have been returned, Skinny looks for the batteries stolen from mother’s children by a strange little boy named Felix.

BatMUD Game Review

BatMUD is a text-based RPG game where scenarios play out in words and it’s up to the player’s imagination to experience the game fully. It’s like an interactive book only that you can make the decisions yourself when the situations comes. The great part about BatMUD is that it is compatible with just about any computer you can imagine. It runs on PCs, Macs and even Linux and is free to play for everyone.

War 2 Glory Game Review

Before you start playing War 2 Glory, you have to create the commander that you will have to be. You can choose to be either a male or female commander. There’s nothing special about the male commanders but the female commanders’ portraits will look familiar to some people. One of the female commanders looks like pop diva, Christina Aguilera, while another closely resembles Britney Spears. I’m pretty sure this game got pictures of hot models to attract its target audience, but I highly doubt girls like that will ever become army commanders…

Okamiden Review

Okamiden for the DS is a video game that manages to be both really cute, and really lovely. Though it follows events in the more expansive Okami (PS2 and Wii), it doesn’t feel like a full-fledged sequel, nor is it necessary to have played the first game to enjoy playing this one.

Popular Two Wheel Racing Video Games

If you’re into playing video games that involve riding vehicles that have only two or three wheels, then you might want to see what types of video games are available for the different gaming systems such as the Xbox, PlayStation 3, Wii, and more. There are a number of different recreational vehicle video games that will suit your needs.

Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is a futuristic first-person shooter developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games. This video game is one of those things where you’ll either dig it or you won’t. Unrepentantly over the top, the game shares a common spirit with movies like Kill Bill or Shoot ‘Em Up.

Pokemon Black Review

Pokemon Black is the latest edition added to the popular Pokemon video game series along with Pokemon White. This time designers of the game have introduced many new features and a new environment never before seen in any Pokemon games. With all the new features and improved graphics it is bound to win the hearts of Pokemon lovers.

Call of Duty – Black Ops

After another year of controversy and a ton of media coverage we’re back again in the hands of Treyarch, usually in the shadow of its “bigger brother” Infinity Ward with the hottest franchise of the moment, Call of Duty. We find out if a new approach, and setting, can invigorate a series that some are losing faith in.

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