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Bike Racing Games – An Overview Of The Top 3 Online Bike Games

You may find numerous online bike racing games available today, and they are the best alternative for a lot of us who nurture serious passion towards motorcycles. These games can provide real life thrill for those who can’t afford to participate in real life racing. Thanks to video games, they can provide a better understanding on how our favorite riders control their motorcycles.

Copy PS2 Games To CD – Why You Should Do It And Do It Now

The PS2 isn’t dead. But it’s slowly getting there. That’s why it’s important for more people to copy their PS2 games to CD/DVD. As we all know, the rise of seventh and eight generation gaming consoles have garnered the attention of gamers everywhere. The topics that dominate game forums today are of the comparisons between the Xbox 360 and the PS3, or of which new much hyped games are coming out this year. You really don’t hear much about the PS2 anymore.

Portal 2 – Review

Portal 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2007 puzzle first person shooter Portal. Let’s see how Valve fared on their latest offering.

LA Noire Video Game Review

As we all know, Rockstar revolutionized the open world format with their Grand Theft Auto games. Interestingly enough, I also recently played Mafia II, which was basically designed to be similar to GTA, so plugging into L.A.

PlayStation Move Heroes Review

It’s become a tired crutch for console manufacturer’s to force mascot party games onto the public. Usually they try to capitalize on each franchises individual success while piggy backing some other “thing” in hopes it gets some of the residual cred. In this case, that “thing” is the PlayStation Move and the mascots are the characters from famed franchises Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper. I’ve said before that I’m a big fan of motion controls and the prospect of evolving the tools with which gamers can experience games, but this is not the way to do it. PlayStation Move Heroes is a functional game, but not a good one. And to clarify – nothing about it tells me it’s even even a party game – go figure.

LEGO Star Wars 3 – The Clone Wars

LEGO has a long tradition of making great toys, and has introduced kids around the world to the joys of building blocks. Recently they have been producing great video games too, and the LEGO Star Wars games are some of their best.

Dirt 3 Review

The race for the genre’s crown of best is always a very exciting occurrence. Last year Codemasters won the BAFTA award with an excellent re-introduction to F1 racing, a title that received high honours from this site among others. Now they’re introducing Dirt 3, is it another potential winner? Let’s find out.

Create for the Wii

An important step in the evolution of video games was the introduction of many secret objectives, bonus points, extra quests and various other missions tangential to the main story. Yet even today what you do and see is still seriously hampered by the vision of the game’s creator. There just plain isn’t enough variety.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Adventure games have always been the tragic elder of video game genres. Everyone has been sitting around waiting for them to die, having gone through the grieving process multiple times only to see them slowly rise from their beds and release another King’s Quest game. To be honest, for a while it really looked like adventure games deserved to die, considering that, for a great many of them, the core mechanic involved figuring out what sort of twisted moon logic the designer had built around a yeti and a pie or what-have-you.

Zumba For the Wii

If you have ever turned your television on, then you are probably aware of the countless infomercials for workout programs. They promise sculpted abs, leaner arms, toned legs and fast weight loss. As alluring as those infomercials are, I have never succumbed to ordering any of their products.

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