i found the best controller player *IN THE WORLD* in duos fill… (he’s amazing)

Killzone 3 (KZ3) – Beyond Just an Action and Adventure Game for PS3

Beyond the action and adventure game, Killzone 3 is a piece of beautiful art, gripping storyline, mature production and full of hard emotions. This game will allow you and your co-operative game player to play in a split screen. Split-Screen feature allows two players to play Zillzone 3 campaign offline.

With All New Be A Pro NHL 11 Climbs To New Peaks

One of the most popular video game sports has always been ice hockey, and of late it is the EA NHL games that have been the best. Thanks to a mode like Be a Pro NHL 11 has comfortably cemented as the game to beat, and is getting close to being the ultimate hockey game.

Best Golf Video Game – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

The Tiger Woods franchise, now in its eleventh editions, has been a great source of excitement for those who can actually play golf, and been a source of frustration for those who still practice. Electronic Arts opted to make a few changes to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and not all of them benefit the different skill levels equally. The major inclusion in this year’s iteration is the fact that player will be able to take part in the Ryder Cup.

Kinect Causing Red Ring Of Death?

Over the past couple of months, rumours have been circulating claiming the Kinect will cause Xbox 360s to get the infamous Red Ring On Xbox. Microsoft has now responded to these allegations and, surprise surprise, they claim there’s no link.

Dragon Age 2 Review

Bioware released the sequel to their hugely popular game Dragon Age: Origins on March 8th, 2011. Expectations were soaring, the trailers looked great, and many people were pumped – as was I. These are my thoughts on the game.

Bulletstorm Review

Is the much hyped “Kill with skill” all it’s cracked up to be? Find out what we loved about Epic’s new FPS, as well as where we felt it could have been improved.

Crimson Gem Saga Review – iPhone Port of a Console Class RPG Experience

A full scale PSP game for only a fraction of the price – sounds quite good, right? And on top of that, Crimson Gem Saga also delivers on the gameplay front that’s build upon a turn based RGP frame. It is on the App Store for quite some time already, but I just recently had a lot of fun with it and felt it’s really worth sharing.

Batman Arkham City Game Overview

Information about the upcoming Batman Arkham City game has been revealed quite a bit through various magazine sources such as Xbox Magazine and others! The game’s setting is reported to be around five times larger than the original one.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Game Overview

We all are aware of the ravishing games that take every gamer on PlayStation and Xbox in its grasp such as Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Batman Arkham Asylum, Gears of War etc. This time Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has topped the charts, which is expected to break the sales records and going to develop a massive internet community by its fans!

The Silver Lining: PC RPG Games

If there’s one game that stands out in my mind as the most iconic of all PC RPG games, it’s King’s Quest. Published by Sierra, the King’s Quest series takes the player through a long and challenging story of the kingdom of Daventry and the family of King Graham. The first installments were characterized with physical difficulties due to the DOS interface of the game.

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