i played season 1 again…

The Most Credible Helicopter Simulator Game Available

The excellent factor about the helicopter simulator game included in ProFlight as well as the main reason it has become virtually universally regarded as the greatest Helicopter Sim by followers and critics alike is the fact that almost everything that applies to actual helicopters also applies to the simulation. You will discover a number of particulars which have been simplified for instance engine managing, and some over-stresses haven’t been included within the simulation. But, all in all, these imperfections are somewhat minor and the features and advantages in the program far outweigh them.

Jack of All Tribes Game Review

Trapped in the past by a freak accident, Jack has become the prophesied savior of an ancient tribe in Jack of All Tribes! Help the friendly tribe set up their homes and create thriving villages. Keep the villagers happy with food, drink and entertainment. Protect them from natural disasters and aggressive barbarians. Help these fun and quirky people achieve their potential in this exciting time management game.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Online RPG Game Review

There’s a little RPG game on based upon the Nickelodeon animated TV series, Avatar: The Last Airbender that is available to play online. The game is unfortunately not an adventure-based RPG game and is only a turn-based battle where you have to face up against one character and several of his minions. There’s only one screen presented in front of you and all you have to do it pick which attack you want to execute, or to sit back and defend against your enemies’ attacks.

Top Ten Best Xbox 360 Games 2011

There are so many Xbox 360 games released in a year nowadays with some of these games never living up to expectation. In these dire times of economic crunch you need to know the best Xbox 360 games in 2011 and this is what I shall be doing in this article, reviewing the top ten Xbox 360 games 2011.

Review on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown

I just recently got involved with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six video game series; I figured I should play a few to see what the fuss is all about. Naturally, I got one of the older ones, the fourth game in the series known as Lockdown (2006). Sad to say, I was quickly disappointed.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within Review

One year after the release of Prince of Persia Sands of Time this bad boy was brought to the scene of third person sword fighting games. You might remember what I said about Sands of Time saying it was quite frankly gay. Well, Warrior Within is the opposite of that; totally bad ass and cool.

Mass Effect 2 – Better Late Than Never

Before beginning this analysis should be mentioned that it is strongly recommended to take a look at both the analysis of the first Mass Effect as that of its sequel because that is where comments on the series and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the original version of this title, detailing the game mechanics and those aspects that make it special. This text offers a brief summary of what this series and this title, and comment on what PS3 users can expect. Otherwise it is the same game with his success-many-and weaknesses-few-and therefore not surprisingly has the same opinion.

Microsoft FSX Vs Pro Flight Simulator The Dual

If you’re a flight fan or an aspiring pilot, you then most likely know of Microsoft FSX and also ProFlight Simulator. They’re both flying simulation programs that makes it possible for you to experience genuine flying right in the comfort of your personal house, and avoid the expenditures and dangers of actual flight.

The All Time Top Flight Simulation Games

Are you a flight simulation enthusiast shopping for that top simulator game? Well, the good news is the fact you will find several alternatives on the market which will make it possible for you to “fly” various several varieties of aircraft to a variety of locations while staying right inside the comfort of ones own home.

Online Zombie Shooting Games

Are you aware that zombie shooting games have grown to be extremely popular as a game program? The key reason why zombie shooting games are getting to be so amazingly popular originates mainly from the reality that there have been a great deal of Hollywood motion pictures depicting zombies. For that reason, increasing numbers of people are curious about this specific genre.

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