Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

Ah The Force Unleashed II. A game that I’ve been waiting for since seeing the announcement back at E3. I’ve spent hours watching all the latest trailers and game play videos prior to release. I’m going to hit on some plot details below, so be wary of spoilers.

Classic Game Review: Guns of Fort Defiance

In GUNS OF FORT DEFIANCE the player commands a gun crew which protects a partially unfinished American stockade from the onslaughts of those imperialistic “lobster- bellies” in the War of 1812. The player may be faced with artillery, cavalry, or infantry in making his courageous (defiant?) stand.

Classic Game Review: Tsunami

¬†Here is yet another derivative of SPACE INVADERS. This one is actually 12 games in 1; selectable from a menu that also lets you turn the sound off and choose either paddle. Each game consists of a sequence of “attacks” with the aliens coming at you in a different pattern each time.

Classic Game Review: Micro Golf

Though the name sounds rather ordinary, MICRO GOLF is a very exciting and challenging game. The game is based on miniature golf, meaning that bounce shots come into play and are very important. Play is controlled with paddles or keys.

Midnight Madness: Info on the Release Date for Call of Duty Black Ops

In only a matter of days, gamers will have the highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops in their possession on their video game console of choice. Now, the info on Call of Duty Black Ops that some gamers want to know is where there will be a special midnight release of the game.

NBA 2K11 Review

NBA 2K11 is the deepest sports game I have ever played. There is so much on the table, I could probably go the rest of my life without another yearly iteration of NBA 2K11, and that would not bother me a bit. Michael Jordon graces the cover, the UI, and several game modes, serving as the central theme for NBA 2K11. The game opens with a bombastic tribute to MJ, and instead of initially being presented with a menu to select the desired game mode, NBA 2K11 immediately throws players into one of Michael’s signature games.

Review of the CHRONO Final Fantasy 14 Mastery Guide

This guide is clearly one of the best for its category, so I decided to buy it, as I’ve always been a final fantasy fan, and reviewed it. Hope you like the review.

Classic Game Review: Bez MX

The recent months have seen several games come on the market which try to marry arcade and strategy game elements. These games, of which CE -Software’s MISSION ESCAPE and Avalon Hill’s GUNS OF FORT DEFIANCE are good examples, are games which emphasize the mental aspect of a strategy game while also requiring the agility so important to the arcade game. To a degree BEZ-MX falls into this hybrid game category.

Classic Game Review: Wall Street

WALL STREET, by CE Software, is a stock market game using the stock market as its vehicle. In the designer’s notes section of its rulebook Donald Brown, the author, says “Any similarities between it (WALL STREET) and real life are largely coincidental”. While written with tongue in cheek the statement is, none the less, true.

Classic Game Review: The Shattered Alliance

Rome attacking the Gates of Mordor; Gondor vs. the Vikings; it’s all possible with THE SHATTERED ALLIANCE from SSI. It offers a choice of seven scenarios plus many you can create with the fourteen armies provided.

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