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Fate Extra Review

Fate Extra, Type-Moon’s latest RPG game centered around Japanese Anime -Fate Stay Night. Just like the anime, the video game features an exciting story which is all about masters, servants, Holy Grail, and stellar boss fights that bring the story’s central struggles to life. Regrettably, lousy exploration and monotonous fights undermine the adventure. The result is a video game with much more uniqueness than game material and far more plot than actual game play.

Four Great PlayStation Move Games

Some great PlayStation 3 Move games are reviewed. These game reviews include: Dance Dance Revolution, Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and SOCOM 4.

Batman Arkham City Review

The greatest detective in the world returns to clean up the city of Arkham and playing Batman has never been more fun, it’s hard to put Arkham City into a category as while it looks like a beat em up it also has puzzle, stealth and RPG elements. There’s lots of fighting in the game and as you’d guess you’ll be taking on baddies as individuals and in large groups,boss fights in the game vary in their difficulty as while some take little effort others will have you retrying.

Blood and Glory – New Hit From Glu Mobile

Blood and Glory is Glu’s newest absolutely free video game, and it also has taken primary idea from iOS mega-hit Infinity Blade. The entire gameplay is analogous, if not identical; competitors are in one-on-one battlegrounds versus a gladiatorial competitor, avoiding, shielding, as well as parrying attacks if you want to stun the opponent to be able to release combos on them.

The PlayStation Vita Has Backwards Compatability

The new PlayStation Vita utilizes a new media format known as the PS Vita Card. These small flash memory cartridges store game data and allow you to load games much like a Nintendo DS cartridge or similar media. However, the change in format has left many people wondering about the backwards compatibility of the PS Vita with previously purchased games for the PlayStation Portable. Fortunately, Sony has offered a variety of features on the PS Vita that allow you to enjoy older games and content on the new device.

An Introductory Guide to Syndicate

Syndicate will be a futuristic FPS game which takes place in 2069, where the entire planet is governed by 3 huge corporations, referred to as the Syndicates. As a bio-engineered soldier who works for the Eurocorp Syndicate, you have the DART-6 microchip implanted into your brain – which lets you breach (assume control of) items in your immediate surroundings, take over any adversary’s weapons together with your adversary’s minds, see through walls plus also control the speed of time. This game comes with a four player cooperative mode, featuring a distinct campaign storyline made up of objectives derived from the…

3 Reasons to Play Diner Dash Online

Many people are wanting to play Diner Dash online. Why? It is a mentally stimulating game that allows you to have a good, relaxing time from the comfort of your home computer. It is a strategy game that involves you, as a waitress named Flo, serving meals to many hungry customers, while dealing with running and managing a restaurant. The goal is to generate as much cash as possible in the form of tips by rapidly performing tasks such as seating guests as they arrive, taking their orders, and delivering their food quickly. In this article, we’ll discuss the 3 reasons to play Diner Dash online.

Fruit Ninja – Modern Juicy Phenomenon

In case you haven’t enjoyed Fruit Ninja before, this game is actually a international phenomenon – having above 20 million overall downloads. It’s a strategic, action game in which fresh fruit appears upon your display and you use your own finger in order to chop it – NINJA-style.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Video Game Overview

Right from the start, it is clear that the days of learning spells, mixing potions and juvenile ramblings in the Hogwartsâ school of magic, have given way to riveting confrontation. Like Part 1, Deathly Hallows 2 is an intense battle where machine guns, pistols and grenade launchers are replaced by spell-spitting magic wands.

Borderlands 2 Release Date

The wait for millions of fans of the original Borderlands game is coming to a close. With a tentative Borderlands 2 release date being slated by the developers as mid to late 2012, gaming geeks and fans alike are already speculating if the second installment can live up to the first. Let’s cover what made Borderlands such a hit to start with and investigate if 2K Games and Gearbox Software can step up to the plate with their latest iteration.

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