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Vanquish – Review

Vanquish is Japan’s foray into the cover based shooter genre. It’s a game under the radar that has loads of exhilarating gameplay.

Review of Flash Game: Paper Cannon 2

Angry Birds without the birds, the green pigs, and the slingshot cannon! More violence and one-eyed pink and green alien bunnies or, as the game refers to them, “creatures”. The twist is you can’t blow up the innocents or the pink alien bunnies as your cannonball flies over and bounces off the roughly drawn obstacles.

Important Things to Know About Sims Social

The Sims Social is currently one of the hottest games on Facebook which is the most popular social networking site today. This is another version of the original Sims game which was created to simulate the game to work on the specs of a social networking site. The most obvious difference between the PC version and the online version is the ability of Sims social to mingle with your Facebook friends and enjoy the game at the same time.

Killzone 3 – Review

Killzone 3 is a sci-fi first person shooter the blends amazing visuals with exciting gameplay. If you loved Killzone 2 make sure you read this review.

Bodycount Review

Bodycount is a first person shooter published by the UK-based outfit Codemasters, and developed internally by their Guildford studio. Bodycount’s approach to the genre is the polar opposite of Codemasters’ other FPS franchise, the ultra-realistic Operation: Flashpoint series. The result is a stripped down shooter that eschews the ideas of tactics, stealth or cover in favor of Rambo style running and gunning.

The Sims Social: Socializing and Mingling With Facebook Friends

Instead of having a whole family, which is the case of the past Sims games, the current version of the Sims Social is all about a single character. But majority of the important elements are intact. Just like ordinary people, your Sims has some basic needs that you need to lookout for and ensure that you are able to fulfill all of them to make them happy all the time.

The Simoleons: Earn Money by Playing in EA Land

The best method in earning in the game is teaming up with a full-member and let them pay you. Upgrading to a full member is pretty easy on EA Land. It is highly recommended that you become a full-time member in order to enjoy the full benefits of the game.

Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III is the latest effort by America-based studio Obsidian Entertainment, and published under the SquareEnix umbrella. Obsidian is no stranger to being passed the reins to a popular franchise when the original developer is ready to move on. Dungeon Siege III joins the developer’s portfolio alongside games such as Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Neverwinter Nights and Fallout: New Vegas.

5 Best Xbox Games

Duke Nukem Forever is a game that is all about an egomaniac named Duke Nukem; he is a one man army who always gets the girls and never fails at what he is doing. You might enjoy this game because the entire game has nonstop hilarious jokes coming from Duke Nukem and nonstop bullet action while you shoot up those aliens. Also, you can shoot some hoops, lift some weights, play pinball machine games, some pool, shoot some air hockey, and also have a go at the slot machines all the while trying to boost up your ego.

Brink – Review

Review article for the videogame Brink. Brink is mainly a co-op multiplayer game that pits two rival factions with two completely different agendas against each another.

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