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Super Mario 3D Player Review

Nintendo expected their new handheld 3DS system to sell like hot cakes… but it unfortunately didn’t. There were not any games that were properly showing the capabilities of the revolutionary system, so it gave no incentive for consumers to buy it.

Why I Found NBA 2K12 To Be On Point?

This article is meant to give a clear picture of how the game starts from the intro, and also it gets into describing the gameplay that makes it a exciting experience. It has became the benchmark in basketball games, and the goal of the review was to gain attention to a sport that is very high ranking when it comes to universal appeal from men and women.

What’s New About Assassin’s Creed 3?

Following the highly effective first couple of installments, Ubisoft is all set to again capture most of the games community by surprise with the approaching Assassin’s Creed 3 installment which is due for release Oct 2012. Although the business is still to publicize many details of the precise mission, a number of leakages have been circling the web for a little bit of time now. Here are a couple of the assumed released features we have gleaned so far.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Reviewed

Mass Effect 3 has a multiplayer. Shocking isn’t it? Here is my review.

Dead to Rights Retribution Reviewed

Presentation: I played the original Dead To Rights when it launched on the original Xbox back in 2002. Fast forward to 2012 and I just finished playing through Dead To Rights: Retribution via the PlayStation 3. Much like its predecessor Dead To Rights: Retribution is a gritty action brawler that features gun play while taking out hordes of mindless thugs.

Nuage Impressions

Nuage is a indie game that manages to put the gamer in a relaxing, tranquil-like state. This game isn’t your typical video game which was one of the main reasons i decided to play the demo. I used to play a game called Flower which was really good. After playing the trial of Nuage a few times it gave me a similar feeling. That feeling is one of a small meditative-like state of tranquility. Nuage was developed and published by Six String Games as an Xbox Live Indie Game. It released February 12, 2012. You can buy it for 80 msp.

Shank 2 Reviewed

Published By: Electronic Arts, Developer: Klei Entertainment, Genre: Action, Release Date: Feb 8, 2012, Rating: M, Systems: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. Shank 2 is a 2D beat’em up arcade downloadable game. It pays homage of sorts to movies I grew up watching during the 80’s like Commando, Rambo and Missing in Action.

Hard Reset Reviewed (PC)

Hard Reset is a throw back to over the top twitch shooters that features tons of enemies and wild explosions. You won’t find any of the new stuff in Hard Reset like cover and regenerating health. This cyber-punk themed shooter paints a captivating world with its stellar visuals but falls flat regarding story and game length.

LIMBO Reviewed

LIMBO presents itself as 2D atmospheric puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a protagonist child stuck in a nightmare. For this particular Video Games Source review I played through this ambient arcade platforming puzzle game via STEAM on my PC. Upon starting LIMBO you’re thrusted into the game’s opening act with no warning.

Resistance 3 Review

Having very few friends, I hadn’t really been impressed with the recent rash of video games boasting cooperative play or multiplayer features. If I were more popular, I thought, maybe I’d like them. But for all the multiplayer action I usually get I might as well have just one PS3 controller. Twenty-five years ago I might have been able to get by with grabbing two Atari joysticks and playing by myself, but games like Pong don’t quite match today’s offerings in terms of challenge or complexity. Also, I was in diapers and didn’t exactly know what my feet were.

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