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Battlefield 3 Primary Weapon Attachments List

In this Battlefield 3 primary weapon attachments list, we’ll be discussing about the various types of weapon accessories you can get for your guns in BF3. Accessories include Bipod, Foregrip, Extended Mag and a lot more.

Battlefield 3 Review

To be fair, I had never played a Battlefield game before I purchased my copy of Battlefield 3. I had heard people sing the praises of the previous iterations on the PC so I couldn’t let myself miss out on something so hyped. So, in the hopes of finally being able to run people over in a tank, I decided to pick it up, and thus far, my experience has been generally positive.

Grand Prix Story Review – Some Hefty Potholes On The Track

Grand Prix Story comes from Kairosoft, developers of the massively successful, and enjoyable, Game Dev Story. Is this race-manager-em-up as delightful a romp on your phone as Kairosoft’s previous outing, or should you steer clear of this one?

Review of Flash Game: Pixle Physics

Physics based puzzles games have always been popular with gamers of all demographics. There’s something about items in games behaving exactly like they would in real life that gives the game that little edge over everything else. It must be the added realism that allows the user to get more immersed in what is going on and not want to leave the game for a little bit longer.

Catherine Review

Catherine stands out from the crowd as one of the most unique games this generation. With a riveting story line and fun puzzle gameplay, Catherine makes its case for game of the year.

Review Of Battlefield 3 – A Game Of Highs And Lows

Battlefield 3 is finally here. The much hyped military shooter that has its sights firmly set on taking down the Modern Warfare series. So now that the game is actually here, is it all that we were promised it was going to be, or should you keep your cash in your wallet from the next Modern Warfare installment instead?

Space Pirates and Zombies (SPaZ) Review

Space Pirates and Zombies or SPaZ for short (what a deliciously un-PC name) is the brainchild of two 20 year veterans of the triple A game development market, Andrew Hume and Richard Clifford, who had both previously worked on the unreleased Scarface 2 at Radical Entertainment. After Scarface 2 and another undisclosed project were cancelled, the pair decided to start MinMax Games, to attempt to emulate and improve on what they consider the “Golden Age of Gaming”.

Review – FIFA 12

Year after year us football fans have to ask ourselves the same questions, who will win the league? Which three will be relegated? What teams will make it to cup final? and will the next FIFA game be as good as the last?

Game Review Of Game Dev Story – How My Eyes Were Opened To Mobile Gaming

The world of Mobile Phone games is filled with mediocrity. I thought that it was impossible to find a game that could compete with a full console or PC game, but then I tried “Game Dev Story”…

Review of Forza 4 – Revved Up and Roaring to Go

Taking a look at the racing sim game Forza 4. This is the latest installment in the very successful racing series that is playing a game of chicken with Gran Turismo.

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