My 1st *RAINBOW* Gun Challenge in Fortnite!

PS3 Game Review: Costume Quest

Hot off of releasing a game steeped in metal culture, Double Fine Productions has come out with Costume Quest, an adorable Halloween-themed simple RPG with some really funny writing and great atmosphere. It’s an enjoyable if sometimes tedious title that’s well worth the low price of admission even though it’s far from Halloween season right now.

WoW Gold Guide: 50 Items to Make Gold in Cataclysm

Here are 50 items you can use to make gold in World of Warcraft, cataclysm. Make gold with this WoW Gold Guide.

Which Used Arcade Games Rock?

Many young gamers are looking for used arcade games. This review will state just a handful which triggered the emotional hot buttons of the younger generation.

Buy Just Dance 2 Today and Groove to Your Favorite Beat

Just Dance 2 is a popular music game for the Nintendo Wii system. It contains forty four dance tracks and can be played in different modes. This newer version is much more of a party version and is the reason why it is so popular today.

Neverwinter Nights Review

The Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a hugely successful Role-Playing Game (RPG) released for computer in 2002, to largely positive reviews and worldwide fame amongst gamers. I decided to play the game myself and give my honest opinion on the game, to help out others who are interested in knowing about the game before they spend their hard earned dollars buying it. The story of NWN begins in true Dungeons and Dragons style, where you get to create your own character and this is where the fun begins, the amount of options you have are quite mind boggling to start with…

Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon Review

It’s been a while since adventure PC games feature werewolves as the main topic of its storyline. Most of the time the topic revolves on ghosts and vampires; therefore, it’s a breath of fresh air as we review today Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon. The game definitely features wolves and their supernatural counterparts as you try to solve several mysterious murders while trying to keep your head intact in the process.

Batman Mystery of The Batwoman Review

Batman Mystery of The Batwoman is a little 2D side-scrolling action game that you can find and play online. Batwoman has been kidnapped by The Penguin so it is up top to Batman to fight his way through Gotham City to try and save her. On his way he will have to fight past many of The Penguin’s henchman before facing off against the madman himself.

How Flying Simulator Games Have Reached A Whole New Level Of Realism

Many gamers and aviation enthusiasts today claim that ProFlight Simulator is the best simulator currently available in the market. For a ‘pure’ flight sim experience I have to agree. Its not Arcadey in a Hawx or Ace Combat kind of a way, instead it is about as close to the real thing as you are ever likely to see.

Exactly What Does The Near Future Hold With Regard For Plane Simulation Games?

Perhaps you dream of being an air travel pilot? A Captain? Or maybe your an expert flight enthusiast looking for the ultimate plane simulation game.

Boxing Champ Game Review

Boxing Champ is an online RPG game available to play online. Like the title suggests, this is a game about the brutal sport of boxing.

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