Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix For Wii: Great Looks, Poor Waypoints

Released in June 25, 2007 in the US, June 28 in Australia and June 29 in Europe, the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix video game is generally based on the fifth installment of the highly-popular Harry Potter Series created by noted British author JK Rowling. The video game is available in PlayStation 2 and 3, Microsoft Windows, PSP, Nintendo DS and Wii, Mac OS X and Game Boy Advance formats.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Falling Short Of Capturing The Thrill Of Being A Wizard

Developed by EA Bright Light Studio and produced by Electronic Arts, the Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince for Nintendo Wii game was released on June 30, 2009, to coincide with film’s mid-2009 international release. This video game features the exploration of Hogwarts, and the casting of spells on objects around the school.

Classic Game Review: Star Fleet One

You begin Star Fleet One (SF1) as a cadet trainee in command of United Galactic Alliance Ship “Republic”, an invincible class Heavy Cruiser based on Cygni Epsilon Three. From there, you are dispatched deep into the galaxy on missions against the Krellan and Zaldron fleets. On each mission you are given a certain number to days to destroy a specified number of Krellans with a small number of star bases for support.

Classic Game Review: Star Bowl Football

What do you do when the season is over? When snow at last lies thick on the local football field and the last Bowl games are decided does that mean that you’ve got to spend the rest of your winter weekends actually cleaning the garage or sweeping out the attic? No.

Classic Game Review: The Alien

The fangs of the metamorphosed alien still dripped with the blood of Commander Clark as Chief dropped the cage into the stern airlock. Quickly, Chief leaped from the compartment like a frightened child. “Jettison it!”

Classic Game Review: Twerps

TWERPS, an arcade game from Sirius, has eight levels of difficulty. After selecting your play level you see a re-enactment of the infamous day when a Twerp explorer ship, with nine Twerp crew, met with a mysterious accident and crashed on an asteroid. Fortunately, all nine crew Twerps survived and took refuge in individual caverns on the asteroid.

Classic Game Review: Time Ship

Judith Kane knelt on the dais and carefully read the plaque mounted below the coffin. “Murder Most Fowl!” the inscription read. “Hmm!” thought Kane with her best Sam Spade cynicism showing through “looks like I’ll be able to pin this one on Howard the Duck.” She left the dais and braved the mist which surrounded it, while Bertram Trench coat, an amazingly inept android assistant, followed. Suddenly, a band of mist dwellers attack.

Classic Game Review: Super Taxman 2

Riverside CA Taxman move over and make way for the newest in eat-the-dots games, Super Taxman 2. ST2 is described as a new improved version of the original TAXMAN. Actually it’s a totally different version of the classic maze games.

Classic Game Review: Star Crystal

Jake kicked the useless lantern away and listened as it crashed down the staircase in the dark. He winced as the sharp talon of a symbol scratched his face and wished he could see the fowl so he could make certain of the next day’s breakfast. “Three blasted lights!”

Classic Game Review: The Railroad Works

The major trend in model railroading over the past few decades has been toward smaller and smaller scales, reflecting the increasingly cramped quarters most of us inhabit. The Railroad Works (TRW) from CBS Software takes this trend about as far as it can go, compressing an entire model railroad construction kit into the space of a floppy disk. We might call this “binary gauge”.

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