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Medal of Honor Review Multiplayer

A complete multiplayer review of Medal of Honor with encyclopedic content. The article contains general information, maps, modes, class of soldier and critical appraisal.

Dead Rising 2 Review Multiplayer

A complete multiplayer review of Dead Rising 2 with encyclopedic content. The article contains general information, tips, modes and critical appraisal.

Game Reviews – Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness is a game developed by Majesco Entertainment and is considered as one of the best dancing fitness games for game consoles. Since it was released to the public Zumba Fitness already reached 70 countries with more than 70 million users worldwide. This game is very popular because it allows you to enjoy dancing while burning fat. To add more fun, Zumba Fitness is a multiplayer game which will allow the whole family to enjoy and stay fit together.

Game Reviews – DJ Max Portable

After the hit games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it seems that game developers are racing against each other to develop a new music-based game. These games instantly hit the top shelves as soon as they were released, and without a doubt, it captured the hearts of both hardcore and casual gamers. This article is not about becoming a great guitarist, and not about becoming a band member. This article will talk about becoming a DJ with the help of DJ Max Portable for PSP.

Game Reviews – Burnout Dominator

Car games, most people love them. Unfortunately, there are only a few games that can live up to the expectations of the players. This article will be reviewing another car game, and will see whether this game can really impress the fans.

Game Reviews – Rock Band 3

Rock Band is a very popular game for Xbox and one of the best releases in 2010 so far is Rock Band 3. This latest version has a lot of improvements compared to the previous installment. This game features new popular songs, new sets of controllers and an open network that will allow you to visit your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Kinectimals Is The Best Game For Youngsters If You Have The Xbox Kinect System

If you have small children from the age of (5-15) they will fall in love with Kinectimals. This is the best game for the youngsters for the new gaming platform called Kinect that is made to attach to the gaming console Xbox 360. Kinects have been selling like crazy since the release that was first in North America on 11/04/2010 then other countries shortly thereafter and they are averaging right around 100,000 per day since that first day.

Weekly Video Games Round-Up

We’re back again with our weekly Video Games Round-Up and we’ve been sitting on some awesome material. For this week’s issue were going to give you a peek at LittleBigPlanet 2. For our review we ‘re going to tell you about a game that caused a revolution in the games industry for iOS4 Devices called Infinity Blade. So check it out and learn more about these awesome games.

How The iPad Is Competing In The Gaming World

It’s no secret that the iPad is a very cool device, but many people are wondering how it stacks up against the other large players in the gaming world. The answer is that it is definitely catching on with gamers for several reasons.

Epic Mickey Is Not a Learning Kids Game

Epic Mickey is a new video game out for the Nintendo Wii. Though this game includes some extremely fun aspects, including the story and the innovative paint brush and can of thinner, the game is ultimately broken by its clunky and frustrating control scheme. It isn’t a learning kids game, so there aren’t any educational aspects to redeem it in that sense, either. Avoid this one.

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