PS5: 3 Months Later Review

Video Games Where You Can Get Married

There are video games where you can get married. This is because the line between reality and fantasy has been severely tested by all these games and the innovations that come with them.

Phantasmat Review

Many adventure PC games take place in hotels, especially those run-down scary ones like we see in horror movies. Phantasmat is no different, as the whole game plot starts to unravel during your stay at the Drowning Dead Hotel. And yes, that is exactly the name of the hotel and no, I don’t think it will really attract many customers with that name.

Kinect – The Best One Can Get

Kinect is one of the greatest inventions in the gaming world. All of the gaming fans have been waiting for it and the reason for this is that Kinect has been the biggest tool ever in revolutionizing the gaming idea completely.

DC Universe Online Tips

If you are interested in playing DC Universe Online than I expect you want to be the best and be able to beat all of your friends. We will share with you some DC Universe Online Tips that can help you gain advantage over anyone you will match up with.

Left 4 Dead – A Small Review

Today I’m going to talk about Left for Dead, a PC Game of zombies. Left for dead is a pretty good game where you objective is to kill every zombie that you find and you have to survive until you get to a door with bricks (The safe room). Then, you’re going to go to the next level.

Infinity Blade Review for the iPhone

Back in September Infinity Blade was announced for the iPhone at Mac World. At the time it was just a tech demo showing off Epic’s capabilities. Now that it’s out everyone is amazed a game with such high quality could actually run on an iDevice. It is without a doubt the best looking iPhone game in the app store today. Graphically everything is fully 3d with normal mapping, advanced lighting effects and all sorts of technical stuff I will never understand. When you play it, you feel like it’s something that should be on a Play Station or Xbox 360 yet it’s running on the humble iPhone. Infinity Blade is an rpg (Role Playing Game) that lets you fight enemies and make your character stronger after you win battles.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

After discovering that Harry Potter was leaving the care free adventure style of it’s previous games and abandoning Hogwarts to the dark, dangerous compelling world, I believed it was an appropriate move to make for the more adult audience. Reading the book, I had hoped it would turn to that and EA and Brightlight have achieved that.

Ilomilo: A Puzzle Wrapped Inside a Charming Enigma

Ilomilo is a charming looking puzzle game that slowly but playfully makes you feel really dumb. In it, you play as Ilo (the red one) and Milo (the blue one) and must face a series of brain-teasing challenges to bring them together as one.

Review of Ice Breaker Puzzle Game

The vikings are frozen and need your help! Ice Breaker is a really fun and engaging puzzle game developed by Nitrome. The objective of the game is to rerun the vikings to their boat…

GameFly Review – Find Out If Online Video Game Rentals Are For You

As a die hard gamer, I know how expensive it can get to be on top of the latest video game releases. I mean, who can keep paying $60 for each new title? On top of that, I don’t know about you, but once I finish a game, I rarely ever play it again.

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