Riddler Trophy and Side Mission Wrap Up – Batman: Arkham City -First Play Through -LiteWeight Gaming

Secrets of the Dragon Wheel Game Review

Epiphany O’day was kicked out of her college research position for believing in the Secrets of the Dragon Wheel. After getting in touch with her old mentor Professor Lunn, she finds herself thrown into a dangerous adventure where mysterious people are willing to commit murder to achieve their goals. Help Epiphany as she travels deep into the Far East and unravels the mysteries surrounding the fabled Dragon Wheel!

Free Running Wii Game – Get Trained For a Free Style Life

Free Running Game is the art the Running, discovering different styles for jumping and learning several tricks with the lively environment. You will join the Group of Tracers and will compete among them to become the best.

Summer of Retro Entry #3 – Mario Kart Super Circuit

After having decided to tackle Mario Kart Super Circuit on the Summer of Retro-challenge, I felt more than a little bit timid. Could the go-kart racer from 2001 still stand up against the younger siblings, which long ago made the transition into glorious 3D on more powerful and current Nintendo consoles?

Summer of Retro Entry #1 – Metroid Fusion

What better way to kick off Summer Of Retro with my first dose of 2D Metroid? That’s right, I’ve only ever played Metroid in 3D as part of the Prime-series, which was published on Gamecube and later on the Wii.

Summer of Retro Entry #2 – Advance Wars

Advance Wars was originally released back in September 2001 as one of the first batch of games, which made it to Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. Releasing a hardcore turn based strategy game on Nintendo’s shiny, newly born must’ve seemed like a risky prospect.

Your Nintendo R4 – Here is Something More You Need to Know

Gaming has become a big industry; given the condition that most of us these days rely a lot on the mobile phones. The mobile phones satisfy your working needs, your need for communications, your social networking needs and your need of entertainment.

Revolutionise Your World With Nintendo R4DS Lite Cards

The world of technology is getting better and better each day. Today, there are devices with the help of which we can revolutionise our web experiences to the extent that we don’t feel the difference between the real world and the virtual world.

Splinter Cell – Conviction Review

Conviction is a game long awaited by fans of the Splinter Cell series. But is Conviction a true follow-up to Double Agent or is it, unlike its predecessors, a game of its own? Note: There will be some minor spoilers here, but nothing to worry about. None of the story will be commented to avoid them.

An Upcoming Video Game Called Cosmos Chaos is Going to Change Educational Video Games For Children

Coming from both a parent and a gamer, I have never been so excited about an educational video game for children as I have for this “Cosmos Chaos.” If you have kids, I can’t recommend this game enough. Even if you don’t have kids, I’d give it a try. It’s seriously that much fun.

The Popular Beer Pong Wii Game

You can pick up this version of the traditional game from most game stores and it is well worth adding to your collection. It’s an easy game to play and doesn’t take a genius to learn how to play it.

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