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It’s August, Time For Madden 11

The time has finally come. One of the best times of the year for gaming sports fanatics. Bets are being taken at colleges everywhere, teens are online playing all night instead of doing their homework, and husbands are sleeping on the couch not paying attention to their wives.

Top 5 Free Android Games For Those Cathartic Moments of Calm

When you have an Android phone, work hard and spend your day running around, writing emails, attending meetings, rushing for trains and buses, queuing for just about everything and generally being a ball of stress, you need time to relax. One of your companions amidst your whirlwind of digital torrents and verbal diarrhoea is your trusty smartphone. Even though you may curse its bleeping and battery life, it has a whole world of fun just beneath the surface, waiting for you to take a break and indulge in one of its great games.

Reincarnations – Uncover the Past Review

Reincarnations: Uncover the Past is clearly one of the most downloaded hidden object and adventure games right now and this review will check out if that achieved rank is well justified. For one, it promises amazing graphics, sound and an impeccable story that will keep you engaged with the thrill of the mystery. But what does it offer that’s different from other hidden object games? Well, read on and find out.

PC Game Review – Victoria II

Victoria II lets you explore the world of 19th century industry and global politics. Just with maybe a few too many revolutions.

Rock Band 3 Technology Changes a Popular Game Into a Music Teacher

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you have heard of Rock Band and it’s popular competitor Guitar Hero. These video games took the entertainment world by storm and turned countless game addicted kids into wannabe rock stars. But one thing was certain – real guitar players would not emerge from simply playing a video game.

Redrum – Time Lies Game Review

Redrum: Time Lies brings us back to the creepy psychological thriller format that made the original Redrum hidden object adventure game famous. The demented Dr. Fraud has been released from the mental asylum and is once again experimenting with the dreams and nightmares of his unfortunate victims. Help Rose and her uncle defeat the evil doctor at his own game and put an end to the twisted experiments once and for all!

Video Games Versus World of Warcraft – Which is Better?

This review is somewhat unfair as we are actually comparing a category with a specific online game. However my argument here is that World of Warcraft or Wow for short is such a huge or massively multiplayer (Blizzard,the company that created Wow coined this term) game that to compare it with just one specific video game would just be too ridiculously unfair to that game.

Review – Ys Seven (PlayStation Portable, PSP)

Publisher XSeed Games is unofficially heralding the end of the PSP’s 2010 game summer drought, with their release of action roleplaying game Ys Seven in western territories. PlayStation Portable owners have previously been treated to remade titles from the long ongoing franchise, but Ys Seven marks the first game, that has been made exclusively for and with Sony’s handheld in mind.

Facts – Video Game Testing

Game Testing is a part of video games development. A game software when created may have a few defects which are to be detected and corrected before the game is launched for the customers. A game tester works on checking the errors and reports to the development for the corrections.

Final Fantasy 13 Review

This is a review for Final Fantasy 13 on the xbox 360 and Ps3, the view is based on the ps3 version but for the most part should apply to both. For most games I review, to be honest, I play them for the bare minimum I can to give it an honest rating. But there’s something about Final Fantasy that makes me want to play it a little bit longer, because in the past it has been proven that the story and gameplay could change considerably near the end of the game. Therefore I’ve played this game for 70 hours and I’m just now ready to give my educated view.

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