The One Where I Die A Lot – Batman Arkham Asylum: Pt. 9 – First Play Through – LiteWeight Gaming

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Video Game For Nintendo Wii

The much-anticipated final adventure of the Harry Potter film series has finally gone off the rack, with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The film’s premiere also coincided with the release of the video game version, which has been released on all major gaming platforms, and is now available worldwide.

Find LEGO Harry Potter Game For PS2, Wii And All

Just imagine yourself playing this LEGO Harry Potter game as LEGO Harry or Hermione Granger or any of the other characters going through your lessons, learning to cast spells, mix potions or fly on broomsticks all to earn your house points. You’ll also get to explore familiar scenes like Hogwarts castle, Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest and the village of Hogsmeade.

Classic Game Review: Sherwood Forest

“#’*%&,” he said as he unsuccessfully tried to get out of the ‘Little Twisty Passages’ in the Colossal Cave. Well, don’t try typing that into this adventure. The people at Phoenix Software don’t take kindly to people who swear.

Classic Game Review: Secret Agent

Secret Agent grabbed my attention as soon as I booted it up. Even though there is no colour the detailed hi-res graphics and animation are well- done, interesting, and entertaining. As is common to these types of games, very little information is obtained from the written instructions.

Is 3D Game Design The Future?

The introduction of 3D technology has been the latest craze in the entertainment world, but until recently this technology was reserved mostly for movies. This article will evaluate ways that the different video game companies and manufacturers intend incorporate and utilize 3D technology in their products to cash-in on the latest craze.

The Star Trek Online Mission

As an example, I can even perform the mission on the planet P’Jem. Trekkies should all be known to this planet by the Vulcans, as they have on this planet for them very important monastery.

The Best PSP Games List, Find Out Which Are The Must Have PlayStation Portable Games

Here is an great article which will reveal the currently top 10 and best PSP games available. Do not miss out the fun, try out this great PlayStation Portable games today!

PS2 Video Games Make Great Gifts for Many People

If you are trying to think of what would be a great gift, you might want to consider some PS2 video games. Think about it. It shows that you know that they love their PS2 and that you were really trying to make sure that they got something that they could enjoy, time and time again.

PS2 Video Games – Be Careful What Your Kids Play

Too many parents are simply letting their children play whatever PS2 video games their children want. If you are not a gamer, you need to understand one thing. Just because it has “game” in the title, does not mean that it is suitable for every one of all ages. Some of these games are extremely graphic and they are only meant to be played by adults. You can really give your child the wrong sense of what is right and wrong or what reality is if you allow the wrong games to be played.

Don’t Buy Epic Mickey Until You Read This

Most of us prefer a game that has entertaining problem solving and forces us to use creative thinking instead of mindless violence. We also don’t want to be stuck with something repetitive and boring after playing it for a couple hours.

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