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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Pack Announced

It has been recently announced for the launch of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Thus us the downloaded expansion pack of Battle field bad company2. The class of this game is same and you must know about all of them if you have heard the name of this game play.

Donkey Kong Country Returns – In Great Form!

Donkey Kong Country Returns is a lovely addition to the Donkey Kong family. The game did not have much hype before release, but it probably should have. Nintendo and Retro Studios are responsible for bringing other historic games, such as Metroid, back to life. They have done it again with DK. There a few great things about this game to note.

Spend Less in Buying Video Games

Teens and kids today are very hooked up with the trends on video games. With the diversity of technology nowadays, we sometime find it hard to catch up to the latest technology, games and others commercially out. Playing video games is very fun for us but not for our pockets.

Flight Simulator Games: What Feature You Should Consider Before Buying

Flight simulator is a very popular game especially to those who to travel to places around the world. To those who wants to try a more adventurous pursuits,flight simulator is an exciting game.Of course, not everyone dream to be a pilot who goes and fly those aircraft or air planes, but to those who do, flight simulator games is an exciting safe and practical realization of those dreams.

A Review on Bully for the PS2

mother go on a year-long honeymoon cruise. On to the gameplay. The story is well written, with good dialogue, albeit a tad too short and rushed. Did I say it gets too easy at times? Different characters here have different personalities, within programming limitations. The gameplay is quite good fun too, but it gets maddeningly repetitive after a while.

Weekly Video Games Round-Up

We’re just a couple of days away till Christmas and of course we’ll give you a look at the latest game releases that you can buy yourself, or ask dear Santa this year. This week were going to give you an inside look at World of Goo, the Star Wars: The Old Republic update and give you a line-up on games that you could put on your Christmas list to make sure you don’t get bored during this special time.

Xbox Kinect Meets Xbox 360

They saw it as they were coming in the house on their way home from school. Boy where they excited. Probably a little more than me but not by much because…

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review – Multiplayer

A complete multiplayer review of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for Xbox 360 and PS3, that contains encyclopedic content. The article contains general information, modes, car types, locations, tips, and critical appraisal.

James Bond 007 Blood Stone Review Multiplayer

A complete multiplayer review of James Bond 007 Blood Stone with encyclopedic content. The article contains general information, maps, weapons, teams and critical appraisal.

NHL 2010 Review: The Best Sports Game Ever?

NHL 2010 for PS3 and XBox has been getting rave reviews from just about every gaming website. Is this one really worth the hype?

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