*WORLD RECORD* Most Kills in 1st Win in Fortnite SEASON 8!!

Why I Am Concerned About the Game Play in Halo – Reach

The Halo: Reach beta was very entertaining and it left me with both positive and negative impressions. The game play was definitely different than Halo 3 and there are some things I liked more than others.

Classic Old Nintendo Games

Years go by, new video game consoles are created, but the classic old Nintendo games never seem to be forgotten. Almost all children, or even adults have memories of the first time playing Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), more commonly known as Nintendo.

Strange Cases – The Lighthouse Mystery Game Review

In Strange Cases – The Lighthouse Mystery, FBI Agent Tom died in a bizarre circumstances and it is now up to long time partner, Agent Claire to solve the case. The story line is presented in story telling mode. There are 6 chapters to finish in this mystery.

Why I Bought Hector Badge of Carnage

I loved the way the authors had written the game description in the app store as I love their style of British humor. They also had a YouTube link in their description.

Xbox 360 – FIFA World Cup 2010 Game Review

The majority of you reading this article will have probably played or own a copy of FIFA 2010 and wonder if it is worth buying what is an extension of this game. Well I am in that category and I fully recommend purchasing it.

An Alpha Protocol Review – Unpolished and Short But I Loved It

Many developers claim that their games involve choices that have true consequences. Few actually make it a reality. I can safely say Obsidian has succeeded in bring this to Alpha Protocol.

Peggle Game Review – An Addictive Casual Game For All

Peggle is a flash game released by PopCap Games, which specializes in creating games with the “Fun” factor. Definitely a game for all ages, even those “Big Boys” who plays “big toys” will find this game very addictive. Its simplicity, the colors and the game itself will make a very good impression to both young and old.

Flux Family Secrets – The Rabbit Hole Game Review

In the first Flux Family Secrets game, Jesse discovered she was a part of the mysterious, time-traveling Flux Family. However, she faced betrayal from a family member and was trapped in the past. Jesse is now back at Flux mansion after thwarting the efforts of her nemesis, but this time 30 years in the past to the 70’s!

Cool Car Games and Online Games

I’m the best and pickiest gamer I know out of every gamer I’ve come across or in contact with. Don’t mean to brag, I just said that for context purposes.

Call of Duty Black Ops Debut Teaser Trailer

Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops has been assigned a release date of the 9th November 2010. As general gamers and Call of Duty fanatics are focusing their concentration on finding out the game details from the Black Ops trailer, this article intends to assist in this effort by recording whatever the writer has gathered from the trailer. Kind of writer’s Call of Duty, if you may.

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