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Game Design Jobs

Video game creators have it made: they play video games all day when they’re not creating their own, and they get to excite and inspire generations of people around the world with the imaginative worlds they create. But video game design isn’t a position in itself; rather, there are many jobs and titles that fall under the general category of “video game design.”

An Overview of Game Design Careers

Game design careers are some of the hottest careers available right now. Many young people grow up playing video games-on their computers, with friends, in arcades, on cell phones-and dream of sharing their own interactive gaming creations with the world. And just imagine how fun it would be to sit around all day and dream up new kinds of games, and to create photorealistic 3D worlds in which people can immerse themselves and go on adventures.

Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space was a game that rocked the foundations of horror video games for a long time. With its innovative AI that would stay hidden and pop out at you when you least expected it. It even continues the particularly weird and at the same time awesome storyline from the previous game. Dead Space 2 does include a few things to mix it up but keeps true to the first video game in the series. Most first video games where the main character just killed off an entire armada of enemies and lost everyone they know and love in the process portray the main character as unaffected in the second game. In Dead Space 2 however Issac(the main character) is torn apart by the previous games events and the death of his girlfriend. Several game play elements actually have to do with the fact that Issac may be losing his grip on reality. Despite that fact he still fights on anyway but at least they acknowledge it and make it a part of the game unlike other video games.

Top 5 Nintendo DS Games for Preschoolers

Since the release of the original Nintendo DS in 2004, the company as steadliy promoted the hand-held console towards kids and especially preschoolers, so if you’re looking for the best Nintendo DS Games for Preschoolers, here’s our top 5 guide to games for kids from preschool to kindergarten. Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea Veteran gamemaker Atari brings the educational series about a yellow fish named Freddi and her green friend Luther to the DS for the first time in Freddi Fish: ABC Under the Sea. Released in October, Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea is the 6th…

Guide On World Of Warcraft – Strategy

In order to improve the game speed, a good World of Warcraft player should find out and stick to a certain style while he is leveling. This will make sure you will level faster than others.

Best Kinect Games for Fitness

Choosing the best Kinect games for fitness is becoming more difficult, but looking at some of the Kinect fitness games coming up in 2012, there looks to be a more advance level of fitness in the gaming industry. The best Kinect game for fitness in 2012 was “Your Shape and Fitness Evolved 2012”, this game will make you sweat,but it has so many other great features to it, make sure you check out my review.

Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come

Let’s be honest here. Who likes sequels for adventure PC games? Well, I do, especially when the first few games of the sequel is good enough to warrant another installment. Why I ask? That’s because our review for today is about Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come, the 4th installment of the Treasure Seekers series of hidden object adventure games. And right now, let’s be the judge if this game deserves a 5th.

Final Fantasy Tactics Game Review

Today Final Fantasy spin-offs are everywhere, but in 1997, the idea of a title bearing the family name that wasn’t part the mainline series was unthinkable. Not only that, but Final Fantasy Tactics, a historical and tactical role-playing game, bears few resemblances to its namesakes, save for a few Chocobos and oversize broadswords.

PlayStation 3 Vs Xbox 360 The Long Battle Continues

Today the video game industry is dominated by three huge companies that seem to dominate the video gaming market completely, these companies are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. The battles really goes way back, from a long time ago, when the available video games consoles were nothing but simple heavy boxes, with low graphics quality, but still they were the ones dominating the gaming market back then. But from the many video game companies that came out other than Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the time that has passed has placed a lot of the weaker ones out of business leaving today the three biggest video game companies of all time which are Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but the battle just never ends between Sony and Microsoft, both fighting for the spotlight and also to lead and dominate this industry. It seems like the battle just begun.

Little Big Planet 2 – A Review

So now that Little Big Planet 2 (LBP2) is finally out and the dust has settled a little, it’s time to see how this game adds up, and whether it lives up to the hype or not. The first Little Big Planet game was a huge success (with players making over 3 million custom levels) and the series has since developed a cult following. One of the major worries with this game was that those people who’d spent so much time playing the original would see all their time go to waste.

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